How to use a library card to get Kindle books for free (2021)


You always wanted read Infinite is, Now you finally have enough time to browse all 1,079 pages.Of course, you can start from a Local bookseller, Or order on Amazon.

However, you can read digital copies for free by borrowing from your local library.Use of library cards, internet connection, and E-reader, You can start reading this book immediately without leaving home.

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First, you need a library card. If you haven’t, please visit your local branch to get one.If your library is Still closed. But please check the website of your local branch to see if you can get an electronic card online. Some libraries You will be given a card, and you do not need to show up.

Browse shelves

Use your credentials to access your library’s e-book collection.Many libraries use Speeding, A cross-platform service with millions of e-books and audiobooks.Scroll through the OverDrive catalog in your browser, or download the company’s application, called Libby, Scroll through the options on the phone. After you find the book you want, you should be able to click a button and lend it.

Most books are available immediately. Some books, especially new editions or popular books, will show the waiting time. You may even have to wait weeks or months before you can borrow a bestseller. This is because libraries do not have an unlimited number of digital books; they can only deliver a limited number, and the more popular a book is, the scarcer these digital copies will be.

So relax and take a place in the queue. Once you apply for a loan, Libby will send an alert once the book is available for you to borrow. The app can also tell you the current waiting time because the copy returns to the library and the line becomes shorter.


There are several ways to read the books you borrowed. If you have a Kobo reader, it will be directly integrated with OverDrive — all you need to do is search for books about OverDrive on Kobo and download them.You can also directly in the Libby app or any ignite equipment. We found that a dedicated e-reader is a more enjoyable and less distracting experience.

The Kobo reader may be a little easier, but setting up the Kindle is not difficult. In the Libby application, tap the user menu at the top of the screen. Under “Help and Support”, find the “Read Books” menu item, and then select Kindle. The app will guide you through the process of linking your Libby account with your Amazon account.

After setting up, whenever you borrow a book, the Libby app will take you to Amazon for a while so you can tell Amazon which Kindle reader you want to send the book to. After that, connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi, just turn on the device and go to the main menu. You should see the book appear automatically.

put it back

Just like other books in the library, there are limits to the time you can keep e-books borrowed through OverDrive. These restrictions vary from library to library. Unlike physical books, you don’t need to take any action to return an e-book that has been checked out. When the time is up, the book will disappear from your e-reader.

No Kindle?do not worry

If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s okay. You can still read e-books directly in the Libby application. Or, if you have another type of e-reader-Nook, Kobo readers, ReMarkable tablet, Or any device support Read digital books—You can transfer your book directly to the device from the Libby app or OverDrive website.

However, as long as you know that the support for direct transmission on devices that are not dedicated e-readers is not so thorough. You may need to download an e-book (in a standardized ePub file format) to your computer, and then manually transfer it to the e-reader via USB.

Beyond books

In addition to e-books, most libraries also allow you to view audiobooks. You can stream these content directly through the Libby app, and sometimes you can download them.

Libraries with collections of movies and TV shows (now the majority) also provide digital lending services for these movies and TV shows. Yes, free movies!The best starting point is Canopy. You can use your library card to access streaming movies of your choice on the platform. Kanopy’s catalog is dominated by documentaries, independent films, and educational programs, but there are also some interesting and brainless things.

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