How to send a message that disappears automatically


The most mysterious and The premise of a spy movie is that you can send self-destructive messages, but you don’t need to be an international agent to do the same with your own text.

In fact, most popular chat applications now include some kind of disappearing messaging feature-which means that if you don’t want to record your conversations permanently, you don’t have to have it. Actually, Encrypted messaging application Signal Recently made the disappearing message function default.

Although it is convenient to review chat files for emotional and practical reasons (recipes, addresses, instructions, etc.), at other times, you would rather save nothing. This is how to do it.

For all these apps, there is a caveat here, because the person you are communicating with can take a screenshot of what you are saying, or, if the screenshot is blocked, you can use another device to take a picture of the screen. If your message is screened or downloaded, some of these promises will notify you, but there is always a solution. You need to keep this in mind when choosing who to chat with and how much to share.


The disappearing message feature in Signal is an option for every conversation you have, and is now available by default or individual conversations: you can switch between disappearing and permanent messages in any thread at any time.To do this, click on the three dots (upper right corner) in any thread and select Disappeared message.

You can choose any time from 1 second to 4 weeks to keep your messages after viewing (or choose Off to disable the feature). If you like and dislike any of the pre-selected timers, you can even set a custom timer-you can tell the message to disappear within 60 seconds. Whenever you change this setting, an alert will appear in the chat, and anything you send from then on will follow the rules you set.

To set a default expiration time for all messages in chat, open the main application settings page and select privacy and Default timer for new chats (under Disappeared message). This applies to every chat you have initiated since then, not to existing conversations on your phone.


Currently, the disappearing message of WhatsApp only applies to images and videos, not to text. The recipient has 14 days to view any content you send to them, and once viewed, it will disappear.

Inside WhatsApp, open the conversation where you want to send a picture or video clip, tap the camera icon at the bottom, and then capture your content.You will see a small icon showing 1 In a circle, next to the green send icon — tap this button to make your message a disappearing image or video.

You can add a caption to the photo or clip, and the caption will disappear. Once you send anything, you won’t see it again: you will only see the photo or video entry in the conversation thread with a small 1 icon next to it. After viewing, the text will change to Open.


Snapchat didn’t invent the disappearing messages, but it certainly helped popularize them. On your main conversation list screen, you can tap any contact to start a conversation, or if the person you want to talk to is not on the screen, tap the compose icon (top right corner).

Any content in the thread, including text and images, will disappear once it is viewed. Any party in a one-to-one conversation can choose to hold something permanently to save it-but you will be able to see if this happens because it will remain on the screen.


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