How the extreme right exploded on Steam and Discord


Since online In the harassment known as Gamergate, certain parts of the game world use rape, bombs, and death threats to hunt down female journalists, and people speculate that there is an extremist problem in game culture. However, the specific details of this relationship are still unclear. How common is this problem? How do extremists use games? Of course, there is also a pathological curiosity: what games do extremists play?

New research published Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)), an anti-extremism think tank, trying to answer these questions.After investigating the online strategy of the extreme right, ISD found several major gaming platforms Host extremist activities-From live broadcasts of racial discrimination to public support for neo-Nazi terrorists.

ISD investigated four platforms: steam, Discord, DLive and twitchIt analyzed 24 ultra-right chat servers on Discord, 45 public groups related to ultra-right on Steam, 100 The far right channel on DLive, And 91 channels and 73 videos on Twitch. These spaces are publicly accessible, and ISD will not view closed channels, such as private chats or groups that require passwords. The author speculates that these may be homes for more coordinated radical groups.

The root gene platforms of these communities vary. Among the four, This is steam have The most serious problem. ISD has discovered a “perfect large network” of far-right communities, some of which date back to 2016. Jacob Davey, ISD’s head of research and policy for the extreme right and hate movement explained: “I think Steam is particularly worth mentioning because the community there has been around for several years, which shows that the extreme right is deeply entrenched on the platform.”

The investigation uncovered two Steam groups linked to violent terrorist organizations: one is related to the Nordic resistance movement and the bombings in Gothenburg in 2016 and 2017, and the other is related to the Russian group Misanthropic active in Ukraine, Germany and the United Kingdom. Division is related.

Extremists use the platform differently. Some organizations, such as those related to political movements such as Generation Identity or British First, have not found publishing content specific to gamers; instead, they use Steam as a social media platform to dump promotions to attract new employees. Others, including some related to neo-Nazi podcasts and forums, were clearly established to form game tribes.

“[Steam] Essentially as a community center for the extreme right to gather, socialize, communicate, have fun with friends in a relatively safe space, and also discuss the extreme right ideology, and some of these points are then used to guide people into the extreme The organization’s website or other social media page,” David said.

ISD found that in general, extremists do not play extremist games. This is mainly because these games are terrible.Although the user may show an association with the game, for example Feminazi: trigger, This is largely just a badge of honor. “[Games like] Angry boy 2 Either Ethnic cleansing— No one plays them, they are almost unusable,” said Pierre Vaux, research manager at ISD. Download them.”

However, ISD does point out that extremists like historical games, such as Heart of steel, Europa Universalis, and King of crusadersIn these games, the extremists fulfilled their illusions: for example, to conquer the world as Hitler, or to eliminate Muslims in the Middle East.


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