Google Pixel 5A review: still the most cost-effective deal in Android


In any case, one of the biggest reasons I recommend you to buy this phone is performance. Like the previous A-series Pixel, you can run almost any application or game with ease, and you will hardly experience any slowdowns. I’m able to play one of the most graphic mobile games, Primordial shock, And its speed is not frustrating. (Of course, I had to use the low graphics option to play it, but the game still looks great.)

Then there is software. As the standard configuration of every Pixel phone, Google includes some truly smart and useful features that you won’t find on any other phone series. Call Screen is my favorite; I can block calls from unknown numbers so that I don’t have to answer calls from annoying robots. The Voice Recorder app is another good point-it will automatically (accurately!) transcribe voice recordings and back them up online. But my favorite is still “Now Playing”, it will automatically detect the music around you and let you know the artist and song name, even if you are offline. I have discovered many artists through this feature, and this is the first thing I open in every Pixel I use.I have collected all the smart functions In our pixel guide If you want to hear from other people.

Pixel 5A comes with three years of security updates and three Android operating system upgrades, which is more than most budget competition. Samsung is the only Android manufacturer that has recently begun to surpass Google, promising to provide four-year security updates.Hope that Google plans to meet or exceed this level, but at least, as part of Google’s “feature removal”, you will get additional software features every quarter, which may even include upcoming new tricks Google Pixel 6.

Unparalleled camera

The camera on 5A is no different from that on 5A Pixel 5 And Pixel 4A 5G, but Google’s photo processing software is constantly improving. This means you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get flagship quality photos. (This also includes some of the new video features that Google launched last year.) Seriously, I have been testing the Pixel 5A Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3, A $1,000 mobile phone, I often prefer Google’s results.

Google Pixel 5A 5G, main camera. The exposure of Pixel photos is very good, the colors look natural, and the details are rich.

Photography: Julian Jocatu

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the main camera. This is a solid color photo, although the color (such as the sky) is a bit biased. It is also not as detailed or exposed as pixel photos.

Photography: Julian Jocatu

With Night Sight, the dedicated night mode in the camera app can stitch together multiple images taken at different exposures, and you can take detailed low-light photos that are more than the images taken by a phone that costs twice as much. Winner. Put this thing on a tripod and point it to the sky in a dark enough place. You can even use the Pixel’s astrophotography mode to shoot stars. In this price range, you can hardly find a better ultra-wide-angle camera. When night falls, most ultra-wide cameras on budget and mid-range phones will experience serious malfunctions, but the Pixel does not.

I also compared this camera with a $400 camera Moto G Stylus 5GAlthough Motorola’s phones performed surprisingly well, the Pixel surpassed it in almost every test. This is still the best camera under $500, which is another cornerstone that makes 5A a popular phone.

Google Pixel 5A, night vision. Google’s night vision mode can beat most competitors in the price range of low-light photography. This photo is much more detailed than Motorola’s results, it doesn’t have as much noise, the colors are richer and brighter.

Photography: Julian Jocatu

Moto G stylus 5G, night vision. Motorola does a good job in this regard with its $400 phone, but the result is almost what you would expect from most budget-to-mid-range phones. The photos are a bit muddy and grainy, but not so detailed.

Photography: Julian Jocatu

Crown Pixel

As I mentioned before, you can find some features that are not here on other phones. One of them is the high screen refresh rate. Most mobile phones have a 60 Hz screen, which means that the display refreshes the image 60 times per second. The current trend is to increase it to 90 or 120 Hz so that the monitor can display 90 or 120 frames per second, making the look and feel of the screen more sensitive.This is a small but nice privilege, even in Mobile phones under $300Considering that Google introduced a 90Hz screen for last year’s Pixel 5, I expect to see it here. Ugh.

I did not miss too many other things. For the third year in a row, Google has proven that it does not cost anything close to $1,000 to buy a great smartphone.Of course, the Pixel 5A is not Exciting. It won’t fold, No fancy colors, and nothing new to the table. I would love to see the company push this standard. However, if you get a very reliable and still leading phone, then it is invaluable.

Pixel 5A will be pre-ordered today, and this phone will be available in full on August 26. It applies to all major carriers in the United States, even if they are not directly sold. You do have a charger in the box, but be aware that this will be the last Pixel that includes a charger.Google is taking the path of Apple and Samsung, canceling the power adapter on mobile phones for the benefit of users Curb e-waste.


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