“Free man” sees the meta universe through rose-colored glasses


New work by Ryan Reynolds Movie, Free man, Not the light on the schtick as you said. After all, this is a movie about non-playable characters (NPCs) in video games. But the first and most popular gimmick is sunglasses.exist city ​​of freedom, The fictional shooting game in the center of the story, sunglasses are like a player: a person who can shoot at banks, steal cars, and slap strangers in the face. Guy (Reynolds) said that they are “heroes.”Similar to the shadows in the movie They live, The player’s glasses are like augmented reality specifications in the game, displaying scores, energy boosts, loot, etc.Sunglasses are the lens of player experience city ​​of freedomMetaverse and decode its mysteries.

(Spoiler warning: Minor spoilers Free man follow.)

These shades are rosy. The audience finally learned that Guy is more than just an NPC in the game city ​​of freedom——He is actually a piece of artificial intelligence code left by the original developer of the game. He has just begun to gain consciousness. When he stole one of his sunglasses, the scales fell from his eyes, and he saw his world like a player. However, the twist is that he did not try to kill his human overlord. He is just trying to make his world a more friendly environment, an environment without daily shooting or robbery, where nothing happens, and the trolls do not rule. He not only has artificial intelligence, but also has artificial empathy.Reynolds told Wired in a recent interview: “Artificial intelligence is taking us towards a more utopian unity, this idea of ​​agency and unity, and an agent of creative change.” “I like this idea. . that is not Terminator Or something else. That guy becomes conscious in an open world, which is a hostile video game. “

To be clear, city ​​of freedom Technically, this is not a meta-universe; home gamers of this movie will not play it in a virtual reality headset. If anything, this game is a very online alternative: interesting, but dangerous in every corner. For NPC, city ​​of freedom It’s the whole world; it’s as if he lives in a meta-universe, but has no offline counterpart. When he got the sunglasses, he realized that it could be a world without violence, a place where trash talking is not encouraged. (One of the more sad running themes in the movie: The original developer of the game was building an online utopia, but the company that bought it thought no one wanted to play such a thing, so it became a shooting game.) Guy’s It feels accompanied by a mission to stop crime and correct mistakes. Gamers who played his antics turned him into a viral savior and questioned their own digital bloodthirsty desires. Guy’s vision of a great place for Mariah Carey (… Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby/When I closed my eyes, you came, you took me away…) It feels possible. Good dreams.

Right here Free manThe virtual world is too different from the real world, and its (commendable) optimism goes too far. Its video game environment and the culture surrounding it (Twitch anchors, arrogant game CEOs, overworked developers) look very real and even prescient. Its protagonist does not. As an ordinary person who can tell jokes, no one is better than Reynolds, but as an artificial intelligence, Guy does not work.Don’t be too literal, but artificial intelligence It is molded from the received data. If Guy does live and learn in a world full of violent trolls, he is likely to accept their way. At best, he will pick out jokes that are out of date. In the worst case, he will end up like Tay, the Microsoft Twitter chatbot that only needs to be online for 12 hours becomes a “Swearing racist Holocaust deniers. “Frankly speaking, this may not be the worst. Free man Think that in a world with gamers and online fans, re-evaluating their views on NPCs may lead them to re-evaluate how they see each other; maybe, just maybe, everyone can see the people they meet in the virtual world As a person. This is probably the best gimmick of this movie.

The thing about the Internet and Metaverse is that they are the same thing, but one operates as a fully realized part of daily life, the other, and currently A buzzword, Is still in its infancy.Different from Neal Stephenson’s dystopian vision avalanche, the concept of Today’s festival–mark Zuckerberg Hope Facebook builds——It is a virtual and augmented reality full of people-to-person connections, where people can work, exercise, entertain and make things.This is NFT art and Ariana Grande concert Fort night, Your headset will tell you interesting facts about the thing you are viewing.There are also uglier versions, but many modern hopes for the meta-universe seem to be immersed in concepts similar to Ernie Cline’s OASIS Ready player oneAt the same time, the Internet, as a bridge to the meta-universe, is guarded by trolls and is full of misinformation, hatred, and misogyny. In the most terrifying place, this is where everyone’s hidden dark side can wander and wreak havoc freely. The Internet and metaverse may exist on the same network, but they usually exist on completely different planes. Free manIt seems that I want to argue that a better virtual world may emerge with the help of AI made in the mud in the original exudate of the Internet.


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