Folding phones are the new 3D TV


In the live broadcast At a media event on Wednesday morning, Samsung showed off a pair of new high-end mobile phones, two stylish smart watches and a set of jelly bean-shaped earplugs.If you don’t pay close attention This announcement, It’s okay; as everything else in the world is happening, the smartphone launch event may have moved to the bottom of your priority list.

However, they did not slip off Samsung’s list. This electronics giant is the world’s largest smartphone carrier, and it still hopes you will pay attention to smartphone launches. It wants to show that technology is only going in one direction. It wants you to consider how the new mobile phone fits into your life.Even better, it wants you to consider how Foldable The mobile phone may be suitable for your life, it has changed the laws of mechanical engineering to make it fit your pants.

Enter two new folding phones. Both Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 were unveiled at yesterday’s virtual event. The former folds and opens like a book, and the latter folds like an old flip phone (hence the name). But wait, what’s new in the opened phone, A Luddite might think that this is a matter of course. To understand the innovation of Samsung’s folding phone, we need to look at the display-a curved carbon fiber reinforced polymer layer that unfolds when you want a big screen, and closes quickly when you don’t want it. Your iPhone cannot do this.

Samsung’s latest foldable products are more impressive than previous foldable models. (After years of development, the company first started selling foldable phones in 2019.) However, foldable phones are still the 3D TV in the smartphone world: the purpose of the birth is to soften that product. They are technically complex. They are expensive. And their availability largely depends on how the content is displayed on them, which means that manufacturers can determine all the technical specifications, but still have to wait for software manufacturers (or entertainment companies) to create the ones that fill these space-age screens. thing.

All of this does not bode well for the future of foldable phones, although some analysts are more optimistic.

An open and closed case

What did Samsung do with this new hardware Yes excellence.This The first Galaxy Fold Delayed due to a malfunction of the display, even after reposting, when you turn it on and off, it still feels thick and makes a slight arthritis sound.This Galaxy Z FlipReleased in early 2020, they are Fold’s interesting experimental siblings.It folds down like the old Motorola Razr (also re-released as A foldable). It has a new scratch-resistant display. It is purple.

But both are ridiculously expensive-$1,980 and $1,380-and apart from innovative displays, they don’t have all the latest and greatest components. The next folding screen Z Fold2 released in the fall of 2020 has a larger display and supports 5G, but it Still hit Because it did not provide Samsung’s best smartphone camera.

On the other hand, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be the most Samsung Telephone. Its cost is $1,799. Its display has a super high refresh rate. It is more waterproof and, Samsung claims, more durable. It is used in conjunction with the S Pen stylus, realized by a beautiful two-panel digitizer located under the flexible screen. The three rear cameras of Fold3 consist of one Insufficient display camera.

The matching Flip 3 has updated Samsung’s flip design, which is still cute. This time it is said that it is also more durable, and the small display on the closed cover of the phone has been enlarged. The price has also dropped: the old Flip is $1,380, but the new model starts at $999.


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