Fire on Pemex offshore platform kills five people and cuts Mexican oil production


Petroleos Mexicanos update

A fire on an offshore oil platform operated by the Mexican national oil company Pemex killed 5 people and reduced the country’s oil production by nearly a quarter.

The company said that after an 80-minute fire at a facility in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday night, about 420,000 barrels of oil production remained suspended on Monday.

Pemex CEO Octavio Romero (Octavio Romero) said at a press conference on Monday: “The platform is still not running, so they can’t continue to extract oil.” “The well has been closed. We hope as soon as possible. To resume production.”

He said that the 125 wells that have gone offline should be back online within “a few days.”

The incident is the latest setback for the debt-ridden state-owned oil group. The underwater gas leak that also occurred in the Gulf region last month caused a huge disaster on the sea surface and attracted the attention of the global media.

Pemex used to be Lucrative cash cow Mexico State, but now it is heavily dependent on government charity. Most of its income is used for taxes, and almost no investment is used to increase production and force it to use debt to fund capital expenditures.

The company insisted on Monday that the fire did not occur due to a lack of maintenance investment, noting that it had recently increased its budget.

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On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out at a compression and power generation facility during routine maintenance. Pemex said it is inspecting the facility to determine the cause of the fire and the damage caused.

This incident was also a setback for President Andres Manuel López Obrador, who had Betting on the fate of the country In the national oil company.

The group was hit hard by the downturn caused by the coronavirus last year. lost heavilySince then, it has turned losses into profits, with a profit of $723 million in the second quarter of last month.

Of the five dead, one was a Pemex employee, and the other four worked for the oilfield services group Cotemar. Pemex said six other people are being treated in the hospital, and one of them is in serious condition. The whereabouts of the other two are unknown.


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