Fauci predicts that the U.S. coronavirus recovery will be worse


Coronavirus pandemic update

President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser warned that “the situation will get worse” as the delta variant of the coronavirus sweeps through the United States, although he added that it is unlikely that the lockdown from last year will be restored.

“If you look at the acceleration in the number of cases, the 7-day average has risen sharply,” said Anthony Fauci, who warned that the country is witnessing an “unvaccinated outbreak.”

“There are 100 million people in our country who are eligible to be vaccinated but not vaccinated,” Fauci said on CBS.

“We really have to make these people change their minds, make it easier for them, persuade them to do something to get them vaccinated, because they are the ones who spread the epidemic.”

His remarks come at a time when concerns about the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant in the United States have increased, and vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 60,000 new cases every day, the highest level since April. It said that the Delta strain accounted for more than 80% of these cases.

There are still very few Covid-19 cases among vaccinated people, and the vaccine helps maintain mild symptoms in the vast majority of cases. But the CDC said that there are signs that vaccinated people who are indeed infected with the Delta variant have the same high viral load as those who have not been vaccinated, indicating that they are equally likely to spread the virus.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released last week New guide It is recommended that even people who are fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors in areas with a high transmission rate of the virus.

On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that any federal worker who has not been fully vaccinated must wear a mask at work.

But some Republican state officials refused to implement the new safeguards, even though the number of daily cases in their state was on the rise. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (Ron DeSantis) signed an executive order refusing to compulsorily wear masks in schools, and promised “no lockdown.”

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida reported 21,683 new cases on Friday, the most recorded in a single day since the pandemic began. It has recorded more new cases than any other state—twice as many as the second-ranked state of Texas—and now accounts for about one-fifth of new infections in the United States.

In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott also banned local and state agencies from compulsory vaccination, even if the number of daily cases is rising.

Francis Collins, president of the National Institutes of Health, appeared on Fox News on Sunday, warning that the Delta variant was “extremely contagious” and reached “very high levels” in Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.

“We are now again seeing the daily case level approaching 100,000, which we have not seen since February,” Collins said, urging people to get vaccinated.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated, the evidence now is overwhelming,” Collins said. “If you are not vaccinated, there are many things that are not easy for you. Companies are starting to demand this.”

He added: “Let us get out of the fence, move on, and be part of the winning team that got this delta out of here.”


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