Everything Samsung announced on Unpacked 2021: Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Watch4, Buds2


The price of Samsung’s foldable products has dropped significantly. Fold3 is priced at US$1,799 and Flip3 is priced at US$1,000. If you book Fold3, you will get 200 USD Samsung Credit Samsung NetIf you grab Flip3, it’s $150.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (left, blue) starts at $250. Watch4 Classic (right, white) starts at $350.

Photography: Julian Jocatu

Samsung’s smart watches are moving in a new direction.Instead of relying on its customized Tizen operating system and requiring developers to create a version of the application that can only run on Samsung devices, it uses Google’s Wear OS operating systemThe company and Fitbit jointly developed the software, Google owns Wearable manufacturer. This means that Samsung watch fans can access more useful applications, such as Google Maps. Moreover, given the popularity of Samsung smart watches, this move may encourage more developers to develop applications for Wear OS, and this is exactly the problem Google has been working hard to solve.

The user interface of the new Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic is very similar in appearance and feel to the previous Samsung smartwatches, but many changes have been made under the hood and some minor adjustments have been made to make them easier to use. For example, tap the button on the side of the watch to access recently opened applications. Both watches are powered by a 5nm Samsung processor. They have a higher resolution screen, 16 gig storage space, up to 40 hours of battery life and wireless fast charging.

More importantly, Samsung’s BioActive smart watch sensor has been redesigned to be closer to the skin, thereby improving the watch’s health tracking capabilities. The sensor can still measure ECG, blood pressure, and maximum oxygen uptake readings, but it automatically recognizes exercises faster. It also provides more accurate calorie counts, and now includes bioelectrical impedance analysis, which allows you to view detailed body composition data such as skeletal muscle, body fat, and fat mass.

Samsung said that sleep tracking on its watches has also improved. These watches can be used with Samsung’s Galaxy phones for snoring detection (using the phone’s microphone to pick up the sound of you sawing wood), and at the same time collect blood oxygen data through the watch’s sensor every minute for more detailed sleep analysis.

The basic Galaxy Watch4 replaces Samsung’s previous Active series. The new watch does not have a mechanical bezel, but a digital bezel. (You can swipe your finger on the edge of the screen to scroll through the interface.) I think it looks better than Classic, and the price is attractive: the Bluetooth version starts at $250, but adding an LTE connection costs an extra $50. It comes in 40 or 44 mm Two sizes.


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