Dyson Omni-glide Stick Vac review: a better alternative to broomsticks


Dyson sculpted It has opened up a very unique niche market in the high-end market of the home appliance industry. The company has a long history of transforming civilian products-air purifiers, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners-into sophisticated, crazy-priced brand-name products that always perform better than advertised.

Every year, I wonder if this will be the year when Dyson jumps the shark, and we all realize at the same time that this is completely crazy Cost up to 700 USD On a vacuum cleaner in the company. I think this year’s Omni-glide company’s latest vacuum cleaner will definitely be it. The basic premise is absurd. The name describes a vacuum cleaner that can be pushed in any direction, mainly for hardwood floors.

But as far as I know, all The vacuum spreads in all directions. Isn’t it?And me already Use all Dyson vacuum cleaners on hardwood.

Well, butter my butt and call me a cookie, because Omni-glide has quickly become my favorite Dyson appliance. Even when compared to Dyson’s previous vacuum cleaners, I didn’t know that a floor vacuum cleaner would be so light, flexible, and very useful. It would eliminate the complete destruction of providing berry cakes as a snack for my children. Damn, Dyson, you did it again.

Little dancer

Currently, I have inserted the Omni-glide next to Dyson’s V15 Detect, which is the latest wireless vacuum cleaner in Dyson’s popular V series product line. The V series is already very light and compact, but the Omni-glide is only about half its size. It is 3.5 feet tall and weighs 4 pounds.

The operating style of Omni-glide is unique and ingenious. All the other cordless vacuum cleaners I have tried use triggers, which you can activate with your index finger, like a spray gun on the floor.

However, Omni-glide is opened via a button on the lever. Then you hold the handle like a magic wand. This design also uses a unique rotating head. The neck is a long and flexible support spring that can rotate a full 360 degrees. At the bottom of the vacuum, the head has two soft rollers and four tiny casters, which also allow the head to rotate in any direction.

The difference between using Omni-glide and a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner is like transferring from a removable suitcase with two wheels to a suitcase with four wheels. Instead of awkwardly performing a 10-point turn to enter the airport toilet with you, you can easily push it to slide in in front of you.

Of course, because the Omni-glide is much smaller than a normal vacuum cleaner, this means that the battery and trash can are both smaller. Its dustbin capacity is very small, only 0.05 gallons; in comparison, the still-slender V15 has a dustbin capacity of 0.2 gallons, which is four times larger. I did not find that the size of the small trash can is a problem, because most of my house is carpeted, and I mainly use Omni-glide to organize our kitchen and dining room after meals. However, if all your floors are hardwood, this may be something to consider.

The battery life is only a negligible 20 minutes. I was able to test this accidentally because we recently moved into a new house and I did not realize that a particular wall outlet in our new home was not working. I only know that Omni-glide has run out of electricity after using it after a meal for several days, and it is not charging.

Since then, I have found a working socket, as long as it is docked there, it will be fully charged. Surprisingly, I have never used it for a full 20 minutes since then. When the vacuum cleaner is so easy to operate, you don’t need to waste precious battery time putting it in the correct position next to the chair, under the table or in the corner.


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