Data of millions of T-Mobile customers leaked in a “complex cyber attack”


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In the latest high-profile data breach in recent years, the personal information of nearly 50 million people has been “stolen” from the US T-Mobile company.

The mobile telecommunications group stated that its system has suffered a “highly sophisticated cyber attack” that resulted in the theft of the personal information of its current, former and even potential customers.

“We have now been able to confirm that the data stolen from our system does include some personal information,” T-Mobile said in a statement, and a few days later it admitted that it was investigating a potential leak. It was previously reported that only a few days later, online forums began to sell detailed information about T-Mobile customers. An attack On Poly Network.

T-Mobile stated that “unauthorized individuals” have accessed data such as the names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and driver’s license information of 7.8 million existing customers and more than 40 million previous or potential customers. Approximately 850,000 active T-Mobile prepaid customer names, phone numbers and account personal identification numbers were also exposed.

The company added that there was “no indication” that the data contained in the file included any financial information, credit card information, debit card or other payment information. It said that no phone numbers, account numbers, personal identification numbers or passwords were leaked.

In recent years, personal information has proven to be very valuable to hackers because it can be used for identity fraud or online fraud against individuals.

Telecommunications companies that contain large amounts of information on millions of people have become common targets for such attacks. Virgin Media, Deutsche Telekom and Heart-to-heart -It also describes its attacks as being carried out by “highly sophisticated” participants-which have suffered data breaches in recent years.

T-Mobile said that it was informed last week that it was alleged that “bad actors” had accessed customer information on an online forum. Later, cybersecurity experts were recruited to investigate the scale of the damage, and then “the access point was shut down”, people believed it was used to illegally access the organization’s servers.

The US-based company said it “is taking immediate steps to help protect all individuals who may be at risk of cyberattacks,” including providing free identity protection services and advice on how customers can change their PINs.

“We attach great importance to the protection of our customers,” T-Mobile said. “We will continue to carry out this forensic investigation day and night to ensure that we can take care of our customers during this malicious attack.”

Authorities have begun to severely punish companies that fail to protect customer details stored on their servers. Uber, Target, fax, British Airways and Capital One It is one of the companies that received huge fines for data breaches. In some cases, the problem was handled and communicated poorly.


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