Coros Pace 2 Review: My favorite running watch


After many years After testing many brands of GPS running watches, I accepted a fact that feels unacceptable: in terms of fitness, all Garmin watches are far ahead, and it is almost impossible for other companies to catch up. I have seen many companies try and fail. If I want to track exercise or map running, I might wear Garmin.

However, about a year ago, a company started to let me stop. Coros is a California company that started manufacturing bicycle helmets and began sponsoring some athletes with strong celebrity influence.Celebrity professional super runner Corey Wolin, Who ran the fastest time on the ice age trail and won the hearts of the people The toughest game in the world, Wearing Coros.Too Erud Kipchoge, The marathon world record holder.

It’s like watching every athlete who signed with Nike suddenly switch to completely different shoes.what Yes What is Erud Kipchoge doing? But until I saw Des Linden New world record With Coros watches, I can’t postpone it anymore. I have to test the technology. Coros sent me its Pace 2, and-surprise! ——It is also my favorite running watch now.

Feather friend

Let’s start with the most compelling features.Rhythm 2 is Light. It weighs 29 grams, a few grams lighter than the closest obvious competitor Garmin Forerunner 45. It is so light that I hardly even noticed that I was wearing it.

Photo: Corros

You can also choose to replace the perforated silicone tape with a nylon tape to reduce weight, although I prefer the convenience of using soap and rinsing the silicone tape instead of washing off the sweat from the nylon tape by hand. (Yes, I know it’s disgusting, but if you have Wrist stimulation Under your fitness bracelet, you may need to clean the strap. )

Compared with Garmin’s five buttons, Coros watches have two buttons. One of the buttons rotates like a digital crown to scroll through activities, while the other button selects the highlighted option, and the last button navigates back to the previous step. The operation is very simple.

The picture is also very simple. Instead of Garmin’s clear, clear, and luminous pixel memory display, which you can modify and customize, Pace 2 has a basic LCD screen. You can choose different faces and choose your color scheme, but your choices are limited. To be honest, I prefer this. Sports watches don’t have to have the best screens. LCD is usually no problem.

The LCD screen is also a low-energy component, and I find it particularly useful when camping. My family is often outdoors, and there is nothing more annoying than impromptu running and finding the battery is dead.This Garmin Instinct solar I tested last year that solar charging can be used to supplement a few days of battery life, but it turns out that when the battery itself has a long life, you don’t need to worry about charging the battery anyway.


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