Coronavirus update: The recovery of the UK retail industry has stalled as many shoppers stay away


This U.S. monthly trade deficit As a strong domestic recovery boosted US imports, they surged to record levels in June. As states gradually reduced their unemployment plans in response to the economic crisis, the number of Americans actively receiving unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level of the pandemic at the end of last month.

Australia’s state Victoria Implemented the sixth rapid lockdown in the state to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus delta strain

ModernThe American drugmaker stated that the Covid-19 vaccine is still 93% effective within six months after the second vaccination because the sales of the vaccine enabled the company to achieve its second quarterly profit in history.

France The President stated that he is considering a booster injection for the “oldest and most vulnerable people” at the beginning of the school year.

UK According to Zoe Covid’s research, it has “passed the peak of the third wave of pandemics”, which found that the average number of reported cases per day dropped by more than one-fifth in a week.

British alert NHS Covid-19 app In the week ending July 28, the first decline in months. The decline occurred even before changes were made to the application to reduce the number of people who were told to self-quarantine.

Grant Sharps Said that the latest reform measures will be maintained throughout August to relax England’s travel restrictions on many countries.

Britain postponed Rugby League World CupAfter Australia and New Zealand deemed the game unsafe due to the pandemic, England should have hosted the game this year.

plastic productsThe world’s largest advertising group by revenue said it returned to pre-pandemic revenue levels a year earlier than expected

Hospitals in Florida We are fighting with more Covid-19 patients than at any time in the pandemic because the rapidly spreading Delta variant has low vaccination rates in the US states and few Covid restrictions.

Organizer of the Tokyo Olympics 31 new gaming-related Covid-19 cases were reported on Thursday-another daily record.


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