Coronavirus update: Biden says the US vaccination rate is rising


Although 4.2 million Covid-19 deaths have been reported to the World Health Organization, a study conducted by economist Ariel Karlinsky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and research scientist Dmitry Kobak of the University of Tübingen estimated that there are The death toll exceeds 1 million More deaths than officially reported.

New York City will require Vaccination certificate Mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) announced on Tuesday that it is for a variety of indoor events, from catering to health clubs and concerts. The city is considered the first city in the country to introduce such restrictions, as it fights the more contagious variant of Covid-19, Delta.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that “the number of hospital admissions has slowed down” and should peak soon after the recent epidemic. Data shows a record levelHe said the number of Covid-19 patients in the densely populated Miami-Dade and Jacksonville areas was “about half of what they were during the wave last summer.”

Due to the high rate of coronavirus infection, Chicago has added five states, including Georgia and Hawaii, to its travel advice list.consult Passengers who are not vaccinated Obtain a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours before arrival or undergo a 10-day quarantine.

Fans of Sweaty Betty include Oceans Sheroes, the British quartet, who rowed from San Francisco to Hawaii in May © Sweaty Betty via Instagram @sweatybetty

Sweaty Betty, British women’s clothing company Wardrobe favorite During the pandemic, it has been sold to an American shoemaker. Wolverine World Wide, a shoe industry expert who owns Hush Puppies and listed in New York, said on Tuesday that it had acquired the company for $410 million.

Consumers in the United States and Europe switched to Polo shirts and dresses from home clothing, which helped boost Ralph Lauren’s quarterly performance. Retailer’s revenue The first fiscal quarter ending on June 26 increased from $48.75 billion a year ago to $1.4 billion, when sales plummeted during the lockdown.

Microsoft followed Google and requested that employees and guests entering its US offices be vaccinated starting in September.Vaccine authorizations from major technology companies are designed to protect workers from the effects of Covid-19, but the risks Arouse strong opposition From some employees.

Clorox predicts that sales will be weak in the coming year as the pandemic drives demand for bleach and disinfectant Subsides after vaccination Against Covid-19. The company predicts that sales in fiscal year 2022 will fall by 2% to 6%. This is worse than the 1% drop estimated by analysts.


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