Best MacBook (2021): M1 vs. Intel, which model should you buy?


Apple still sells 13-inch MacBook Pros equipped with Intel’s 10th generation processors, but MacBook Pros equipped with M1 outperform it. The only advantage of the Intel version is that it has a total of four USB-C ports, but considering the increase in price, it does not make sense to buy it.You’d better invest in an M1 model with 16 GB RAM, and Multi-port adapter Add more connections (or wait a year or so, when Apple will inevitably replace the four-port version with a more powerful Pro).

MacBook Pro with M1 is priced at $1,299, from Apple, $1,300 from Amazon, Or B&H priced at $1,499, model with 16 GB RAM

Apple MacBook Pro (16 inches, 2019)

Big screen lovers

Photo: Apple

Currently, the only person who should buy a 16-inch MacBook Pro (9/10, wired recommendation) Is now an advanced user who needs a Mac with powerful graphics, the best speakers on a laptop, a podcast-grade built-in microphone, four USB-C ports, and a larger and clearer 16-inch screen.

The 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor (upgradable to Core i9) is not inferior. I only know that the M1-driven MacBook Pro is better than 16 inches in many aspects. Nevertheless, whether you are playing games or editing videos, the dedicated AMD graphics card in this machine will give you a big boost, although it does become very loud, and when running intensive tasks, a strong battery It will run out quickly (it doesn’t last long for a 13-inch MacBook Pro). The basic model is equipped with a 512 GB SSD. Video editors will be happy to know that you can get up to 64 GB of RAM.

The biggest disadvantages are size, price and weight. If you need a laptop that you can take with you without any hindrance, look elsewhere. But if you need the most powerful MacBook, this is it.

Apple will support this MacBook with Intel technology in the next few years. You don’t need to worry about potential application issues, but if you need a supercharged model, I strongly recommend that you wait until the end of 2021. Apple may release a M series 16-inch MacBook Pro, its performance will surpass this. By then, most developers may also optimize their applications for the new Apple processors.

Apple MacBook Pro (16 inches) is priced at $2,399 Either $2,149 from Amazon

Apple iMacBook (2021)

For desk lovers

Apple iMac 2021

Photo: Apple

If you value portability more, there is another option: the 2021 iMac. Earlier this year, Apple released a 24-inch M1-driven iMac (8/10 Wired recommendation), this is also the first major redesign of iMac by Apple in many years. Like other M1 devices we have tested, it provides excellent performance. The powerful GPU adds extra horsepower for graphics-intensive tasks such as editing videos or playing games.


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