Beijing anti-corruption watchdog criticizes entertainment industry


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As Beijing has strengthened its control of Internet celebrity culture and expanded the scope of its crackdown on wealth and large corporations, China’s anti-corruption watchdog has cracked down on China’s entertainment industry.

A statement posted on the website of China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection this weekend cited a wave of “negative news” and named several celebrities, including former Prada ambassador Zheng Shuang who was accused of tax evasion and Chinese Canadian star Wu Yifan last week. Arrested on suspicion of rape.

Before the regulator’s comment, China’s Internet regulator on Friday set out a list of 10 measures to solve the industry’s problems, adding that this would “solve the chaos in the culture of online fans”, saying it had a negative effect on young people. Influence. These measures include prohibiting celebrities’ online popularity rankings and regulating companies that work with them.

In addition, the name of billionaire actress Zhao Wei, who has links to the Chinese technology industry, has been deleted from Chinese online platforms in recent days, and shows mentioning her have also been deleted.

After Chinese President Xi Jinping launched a “shared prosperity” initiative aimed at a wider distribution of wealth and a series of dramatic regulatory interventions to strengthen the party’s control of the private sector, the entertainment industry took a hit.

The change in the way the Communist Party treats private enterprises has included a shift Reduce drinking after get off work After arousing indignation Sexual assaultAfter the scandal of the technology company Alibaba this month, the company became the focus of attention.

Shows including Zhao Wei, who served as the ambassador for the Italian brand Fendi last year, were removed from platforms such as Tencent Video last week. Zhao and her husband were previously involved in an investment scandal, which resulted in them being barred from entering the Chinese securities market in 2017.

Zhao’s wealth comes from shares in the technology industry. Since the founder of Ant Group Jack Ma publicly criticized China’s financial system in November last year, the financial technology Ant Group cancelled its initial public offering at the last minute. The technology industry has been subject to strict scrutiny by the government. Zhao bought shares in Alibaba Pictures in 2014, a film company that is part of Jack Ma’s technology empire.

According to official media reports this weekend, Zheng Shuang, known for his role in Chinese TV, will have to pay a tax evasion fine of $46 million. The goal of common prosperityEarlier this year, Zheng was under scrutiny for giving birth to two children in the United States through surrogacy, which is illegal in China, and was abandoned by Prada in the ensuing quarrel.

Xi Jinping’s promotion of common prosperity triggers global panic Global luxury industryIn recent days, the share prices of leading companies such as LVMH and Burberry have plummeted. On Thursday, economic official Han Wenxiu said that common prosperity does not mean that China will “rob the rich and help the poor.”

Supplementary report by Wang Xueqiao in Shanghai


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