As the Taliban make progress, the U.S. urges Americans to leave Afghanistan


Afghanistan Update

After the Taliban insurgents occupied an important provincial capital in an escalating violent campaign, the US Embassy in Kabul warned American citizens to leave Afghanistan “immediately.”

This warnThe news released on Saturday was that after the Biden administration decided to withdraw the remaining US troops before the deadline set by the end of this month, the Taliban made a series of gains across the country.

“The order for American citizens to leave indicates that the security situation is deteriorating,” a U.S. defense official told the Financial Times.

The Biden administration has been making last-minute efforts to negotiate a political solution to allow the Taliban to play a role in the government instead of pursuing its advantages on the battlefield, but with little success.

American diplomats urged the Taliban to start negotiations, or they might become an international pariah, but the organization’s military operations have escalated.

The US Embassy said on Saturday that the new round of violent offensives launched by the Taliban against the Afghan city led to the seizure of Zaranje, the capital of Nimruz Province, and reports that the organization also occupied the capital of Juzjan Province, Shebekhan. It also continued its efforts to take over the capital of Helmand Province, Rashkar Gah and other provincial capitals.

The statement said: “These actions by the Taliban to enforce their rule are unacceptable and contradictory to their support for a negotiated settlement of the Doha peace process.”

The US military has been conducting air strikes to deter the Taliban and boost the morale of the Afghan national security forces, but the US defense official said that there are only “a few” air strikes every day.

Analysts warn that the civil war may be protracted, the country is about to split, or the Taliban may occupy Kabul.

On Friday, the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, stated that during June and July, after the Taliban made progress in the rural campaigns, they had begun to attack large cities, stating that since the Taliban attacks, At least 104 civilians were killed in Lashkar Gah and 403 were injured. The onslaught on the city began 10 days ago.

The insurgents also claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Kabul this week, which targeted the defense minister who was not present at the time. On Monday, the UN Security Council stated that deliberate attacks by the Taliban against civilians, UN personnel and UN premises could constitute war crimes.

Joe Biden ordered the downsizing of the U.S. military in order to end the longest-lasting war in the United States and support an agreement reached between the Trump administration and the Taliban to foresee the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Both presidents made this decision against the advice of some U.S. defense and military officials. They warned that withdrawing troops would encourage the Taliban and undermine the risk of Afghanistan’s fragile achievements.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. They were deposed because of the US invasion of 9/11, which was carried out by Al-Qaida, a jihadist group that established ties with Islamic Taliban militants.

The U.S. Embassy warned that it could provide repatriation loans to U.S. citizens who could not afford a ticket to go home, adding that the security conditions and reduced personnel meant that the embassy’s ability to assist U.S. citizens in Afghanistan was “extremely limited even in Kabul.”


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