As the deadline approaches, Africa and Latin America welcome Afghan refugees


Afghanistan Update

Developing countries such as Uganda and Colombia provide temporary asylum for hundreds of evacuees who transit from Afghanistan to the United States and other Western countries.

Thousands of people have fled Afghanistan since the Taliban took over Kabul in mid-August, but as the entry process of many Western countries has slowed the process, less affluent economies have volunteered to help.

A sort of A string of countriesThe U.S. Secretary of State, mainly in the south of the world, “made generous proposals for the resettlement of Afghans at risk” Anthony Brinken said this month. Countries such as Rwanda, Mexico and Costa Rica also joined the ranks of volunteers. Local government officials said that even Somaliland, which claims to be an East African country (which has already taken in Yemeni refugees), is discussing with the United States to join the work and told the Financial Times.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard (left) welcomes the members of the original Afghan all-women robot team © Eduardo Verdugo/AP

At the end of last year, Pakistan and Iran had taken in the most Afghan refugees—— Over 1.4m and 950,000, Respectively. overall, According to the UN Refugee Agency, 86% of the world’s refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad In developing countries last year, the least developed countries accounted for 27% of the total.

Cecilia Milesi stated that these countries “first expressed solidarity and support for people affected by conflicts and crises”, despite their “speech in the multilateral space for the formulation of conflict prevention, peace and development policies” “Limited power” and “insufficient resources”, the founder of the Argentine Center for Global Change, this is a platform to strengthen cooperation between countries in the South.

However, some countries insist that their support is only temporary.Uganda, it runs a Generous refugee policy And is home to more than 1.5 million refugees, mainly from South Sudan, First vowed to accommodate 2,000 Afghan evacuees at the request of the US government. But a few days later, the number was reduced to 145. The 51 Afghans who arrived in Uganda last week were “evacuated people, not refugees,” said Uganda’s Minister of Information and Technology Chris Bayomonsi.

In Latin America, Colombian President Ivan Duque said In a joint speech with the U.S. Ambassador to Bogota, his country is “joining a group of allies that will provide support to the United States” to allow the processing of Afghan citizens working for the United States.this America will pay the price Afghans staying in the Andean country 2 million Venezuelan immigrants.

Costa Rica, which hosts Nicaraguan refugees, said it has agreed to accept 48 Afghan women who have worked in the United Nations.

Mexico has hosted at least 200 Afghans, including media workers and their families and five members of a female robotics team. “Mexico welcomes you with open arms,” ​​Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told them, promising to “provide all necessary support” and citing “the Mexican tradition of asylum and asylum.”

Mexico received refugees who fled fascism during the Spanish Civil War, as well as victims of the South American dictatorship in the 1970s and the civil war in Guatemala in the 1980s.But it also tried to prevent Thousands of Central American migrants transit Its territory is moved to the U.S. border every year and its National Guard is deployed.

Javier Urbano, an immigration expert at the Ibero-American University, said that the proposal to accept Afghans “is conditional, so the Mexican government will gain some prestige.”

The Afghan evacuees arrived at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and took a courtesy bus to their residence

Afghan evacuees arrived at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and took a courtesy bus to their residence © Abubaker Lubowa/Reuters

Rwanda also has a tradition of welcoming refugees; it has hosted approximately 130,000 people, mainly from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as some 200 people from countries in the Horn of Africa They are being held in a detention center in Libya.

When nearly 250 Afghan female students, their families and boarding school staff arrived in Rwanda last week, the government greeted them in traditional Kinyarwanda: welcome, or welcome.

It is not clear whether the Afghan students it accepts will stay for a long time. Shabana Basij-Rasikh, co-founder and principal of the Afghan Leadership Academy (SOLA), said that the evacuees will spend a semester in Central African countries, and the situation in Afghanistan is developing.

“SOLA is relocating, but our relocation is not permanent. It is our plan to spend a semester abroad,” She tweeted“When local conditions permit, we hope to return to Afghanistan.”


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