Apple’s iCloud photo scanning technology explained


Recently, Apple revealed Some new technological measures in information, iCloud, Siri, and search are designed to protect children from online abuse. Apple said that the new integration of on-device and cloud-based processing will strike a balance between user security and user privacy. But some cryptography experts don’t believe it, and worry that these measures may open the door to other privacy leaks and government surveillance.

On Gadget Lab this week, “Wired” senior cyber security writer Andy Greenberg (Andy Greenberg) joined us to discuss how Apple’s technology works and the company’s delicate balance between security and privacy.

Show notes

read Andy’s story About Apple’s new technology.


Andy recommends this book Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty Patrick Radden Keefe and the new Mortal Kombat Movie. Lauren recommends the story of Vauhini Vara”ghost” exist Believers MagazineMike recommended Brian Raftery’s “Gene and Roger”Ringer Series Big picture podcast.

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