Apple TV 4K review (2021): new features, new remote


Apple has one A large and dedicated fan base.If you watch Apple TV+ original version, have An iPhone What you used to listen Apple Music, Exercise with Apple Fitness So you can be in your Apple Watch, You may want to prepare for the second-generation Apple TV 4K.

It has a stylish menu that is easy to navigate, an updated remote control and excellent voice functions. However, if you are not an Apple supporter and only need a streaming media device, then it may not be worth the money.In this case, there is A lot of equipment The effect is similar, and it is much cheaper.

Hey siri

Photo: Apple

The latest Apple TV 4K—not to be confused with the company’s streaming media service Apple TV+—can perform the functions of all streaming media devices. You can use it to watch your favorite shows and movies from every major service available. If you are rooted in Apple’s walled garden, you can also access Fitness+, Music and Arcade directly on the TV. (If you have the latest 4K or HD Apple TV, you can already access this content.)

Like all Apple hardware, this TV has some great features. If you are watching something but miss a line of conversation, you can press and hold the Siri button on the remote control and ask “What did they say?” Specify, it will activate the subtitles, and then turn them off again. This is my favorite feature, I don’t know I need it.

You can also use voice to open applications, play movies or music, browse types, or enter passwords and other cumbersome content.TV searches for your query in all streaming services, this is a feature I also like Chromecast on Google TV. You can search for specific titles, such as new American Horror Story, It will display the title on Hulu. If you want something creepy but not sure what it is, you can also search by a specific type.

The main interface not only allows you to browse through streaming services, but also provides you with recommendations based on your history and popular content-I like another feature of Google TV that you can’t find on Roku.However, if you want to provide accurate recommendations for the entire family, you need to create a Apple ID For every member of your family.

you do not have Subscribe to Apple TV+, but whether you subscribe or not, it will recommend a large number of titles in the service and all other streaming apps. I find this annoying, but if you have been on the sidelines of subscribing to a service, it may overwhelm you. If you have never tried Apple TV+ before, you can get a three-month trial period when you purchase TV 4K.

Domestic affairs

If you own an Apple TV 4K prior to 2017 and are satisfied with its performance, you will not need upgrade. However, the internal structure has been improved here. If you have a brand new 4K TV, you may get more benefits from this model.

Apple’s A12 bionic chip is not the company’s latest chip, but it does improve overall performance. I didn’t notice any delay when browsing or switching applications. It also supports high frame rate HDR up to 60 fps, which is the best choice for most 4K TVs.


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