Andrew Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment report


New York State Update

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned as Governor of New York State on Tuesday Sexual harassment claims This destroyed his reputation and swallowed his government.

In the video speech, the emotional Cuomo said that he tends to fight the impeachment process, but worried that doing so will consume the state government at a dangerous time.

“Given this situation, the best way I can help now is to give way and let the government return to power,” said Como, 63.

His resignation will take effect in 14 days, after which the state’s deputy governor Kathy Hochul will take over.

A week ago, the New York Attorney General issued a 168-page report Leticia James The conclusion is that he sexually harassed 11 women, most of them current and former state employees, which violated state and federal laws.

The Democratic governor’s alleged violations included suggestive comments about a young assistant’s sex life, and reaching under a woman’s coat and stroking her breasts.

Cuomo has repeatedly denied improper contact with anyone. In a speech lasting about 20 minutes on Tuesday, Cuomo apologized for his insensitivity and insisted that his biggest mistake was failing to understand the changes in the code of conduct over the years.

“In my opinion, I have never crossed the line with anyone. But I didn’t realize the extent to which this line was redrawn,” he said. “I just don’t fully understand the generational and cultural changes-I should have.”

At the same time, the governor criticized James’ report as “unfair and untrue.” Just before his speech, his lawyer Rita Glavin stated that the report was “designed to destroy Governor Cuomo”.

Tuesday’s resignation marked the end of an epic political career in the United States, which has soared over the past year-talking about a possible White House campaign-and then collapsed.

Cuomo is now in his third term and is widely praised for his inspiring and decisive leadership in the early days of his administration. Coronavirus pandemic When New York City was hit hard. The governor’s daily briefing became a dating show for people across the country, and fans even considered drafting him to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate.

However, Cuomo, the son of another three-term governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, began to face doubts about his executive order in March 2020, which requires nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patient.

A report released by James’ office in January found that his government had underestimated the number of nursing home residents who died of new coronary pneumonia by as much as 50%. Critics said this was to protect his reputation.

At about the same time, the former assistant began to argue about sexual harassment and a toxic work environment in which the inner circle of “despicable girls” enforced respect for Cuomo.

Cuomo’s fate seems doomed, because his long-term allies, especially the black community, abandoned him after James’ exciting report, and the New York State Assembly began to try to impeach him. His top assistant, Melissa DeRosa, resigned on Sunday.

In a statement, Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate and a New York Democrat, said that Cuomo’s resignation was “a correct decision made for the benefit of the people of New York.” James said that Cuomo’s resignation “painted a sad chapter for the whole of New York, but this is an important step towards justice.”

US President Joe Biden called on Cuomo to step down after the report was released. He said on Tuesday that he respected the decision. When asked what he thought about Cuomo’s tenure as governor, the president replied: “He did a great job. I mean, from visits to voting to infrastructure to a whole range of things. That’s why it’s so sad. .”

Former U.S. Representative Hochell from Buffalo will become the first female governor of the state. She is not close to Cuomo, almost invisible during his reign, and these attributes may now help her govern until next year’s elections.

When he signed, Cuomo reminded voters of everything he has done for them over the years-from infrastructure projects to the legalization of same-sex marriage and the fight against the new crown virus.

“Thank you for being honored to serve you,” he said. “This is the honor of a lifetime.”

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