Along with Kate, Netflix is ​​still looking for its own John Wick


Ruthless criminal The agent was poisoned and there was less than 24 hours to avenge her murderer Kate, A new action thriller from Netflix, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Huntress. Raptor.

The streaming service seems to be working towards a female version of the hugely successful John Wick franchise, but it is harder to achieve than it seems.First of all, there are 2020 Old guard, In which Charlize Theron led a group of immortal mercenaries to perform revenge missions. Theron is great, but the movie itself is not balanced.Just last month, Netflix provided a disappointing service Gunpowder Milkshake, It has a first-class cast and all the right elements, including some impressive battle choreography.But like Old guard, There is no real jelly, although I like Karen Gillan very much, she seems not suitable for this role. Gunpowder Milkshake In the end it feels flat and predictable, like a style rather than substance practice.

Basic premise Kate Is a familiar person; it is essentially a transition to the classic film noir of 1950 DOA, One of the men-a seemingly ordinary accountant and notary-walked into the police station, said he had been poisoned, and only a few days were left, and found out who murdered him. (Because someone did not update the copyright in time, the film was in the public domain.) It inspired three direct remakes: the 1969 Color me, In 1988 DOA (Starring Dennis Quaid), and the 2017 movie Die on arrival. And this movie has influenced countless, such as the 2006 movie crank, Jason Statham plays a British assassin who must keep his adrenaline levels soaring to counteract the deadly poison he is given.

Kate it seems that DOA, crank, and Gunpowder MilkshakeAccording to the official statement: “Kate is meticulous and skilled. She is the perfect example of an assassin carefully trained at the peak of her game. However, when she uncharacteristically performed missions against members of the Tokyo gang, she soon found herself poisoned. It was a brutal and slow execution that allowed her to retaliate against the killer in less than 24 hours. As her body deteriorated rapidly, Kate established a kind of relationship with the teenage daughter of a former victim. An unlikely link.”

I don’t know why filmmakers seem to think that female assassins must be combined with young girls to show their softer emotional side, but so be it.Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was nominated for an Oscar for his visual effects in 2012 Snow White and the Hunter And made his directorial debut in 2016 Hunter: Winter’s War. Based on this trailer, he puts this background to good use KateWe will have to see if Nicolas-Troyan can take this old formula and make it his own, despite the frankly boring title.

Huntress is my favorite character Raptor, Mainly because of Winstead’s expressionless face, which led to the character’s single-minded determination and her extreme social embarrassment. For example: After killing a few bad guys with her iconic efficiency and athleticism, she turned around to see her compatriots staring at her in awe. “What?” she said, completely unaware that she was a badass.If Winstead has a chance to show this skill set again Kate, She can easily establish herself as a reliable action star with Charlize Theron.


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