A hacker stole $610 million in cryptocurrency and returned most of it


That is An important week for smartphone privacy, or at least in terms of various external forces making your location data more or less secure.On the downside of the ledger, most 5G connections in the United States today are not actually full 5G, which means they are Easy to be watched by that stingray The next generation of standards should be prevented.On the bright side, researchers have found a way Prevent your carrier from knowing your location every time You reconnect to a cell phone tower. The tricky part is getting any of them to actually implement it.

This week, privacy advocates also released documents showing that the New York Police Department has spent at least $159 million in surveillance tools since 2007, including stingrays, police software, and biometric tools.

Our colleagues in the UK have studied a new study that shows how and where Extremists set up shops on platforms such as Steam and Discord. it is The problem of simmering for a long time, Which is even more frustrating is that these resource-rich services have not managed to solve this problem.

Google has Some changes in the Play Store, Most of which are more important to developers than to end users. However, switching from an Android application package to an Android application package does mean that it should be more difficult for scammers to pass side-loaded applications with malware.

For the decentralized financial system Poly Network, this is a roller coaster. A hacker stole more than 600 million U.S. dollars at the beginning of this week and began returning them on Wednesday. By Thursday, they had returned $342 million in funds, and another $33 million worth of Tether stablecoin was frozen. The remaining encrypted assets have been placed in wallets that require keys from Poly Network and hackers; their ultimate fate is still up in the air.

Virtual private network They are good in theory; they let you browse without your ISP knowing what you are doing, and their encrypted connections make it harder for anyone to snoop on your activities. But a new survey by Markup shows that many VPNs still allow trackers from third-party sites, even if they do not record your activity.This is a way to undermine the entire privacy of the VPN, and it is also some of the factors we have considered Best VPN recommendations.

In 2019, Apple sued a company called Corellium over its iOS virtualization software. Corellium’s products are very popular among security researchers, they have Limited knowledge of iOS itself; Apple claims that the software violates the company’s copyright claims.During the retreat, Apple came under fire for introducing privacy advocates Controversial steps to find child sexual abuse material in iCloud This involves the iPhone itself. It needs all the friends in the safe community that it can get; unpopular lawsuits against key research tools will not be the way to make them.

In the past few months, Microsoft has dealt with a large number of security issues related to its Windows Print Spooler feature, including multiple failed attempts to patch a vulnerability called PrintNightmare. This week, the company finally provided a way to end its printer-related dilemma, although this is a solution. Now, anyone who wants to install the driver using the Windows Point and Print feature needs administrative rights.This should avoid most PrintNighmare attacks-but it has been proven Don’t stop them all.

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