5 best phones with 3.5 mm headphone jack (2021)


If none of the above phones caught your attention, here are some other alternatives to consider.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G 300 USD: Galaxy A32 5G is a bit higher than Nord N10 5G in almost all aspects. It is worth noting that 5G access is limited to T-Mobile on OnePlus. However, if you prefer OnePlus’ software and brand to Samsung, then it is a reliable robot.

Moto G Power 2021 is priced at $230: If we have to choose one Moto G Power Topped the list because of its value. You will get a rugged camera system, three days of battery life and good performance. It does not have NFC for contactless payments and can only be upgraded to Android 11, but it will receive two-year security updates.

TCL 20 SE USD 190: The camera is poor, but you can run your favorite apps and games relatively well On this TCL. Just don’t run too many things at once. It has a jack, NFC and MicroSD card slot, but it won’t get any operating system upgrades (only two years of security updates).

The $200 Nokia G20: Rarely use a mobile phone? Nokia like this can solve the problem. It is a bit slow, but the camera system is better than the above TCL, it will get two years of operating system updates and three years of security updates. This means it is more likely to last longer with fewer kinks.

Asus Zenfone 8, for $630: Chasing the smallest Android phone with a headphone jack?The award is awarded Pixel 4A, but This Asus phone Close to flagship performance. It has the same Snapdragon 888 processor as the mobile phone, almost twice its price. It also has a 120Hz AMOLED screen and IP68 waterproof performance. It does not work with Verizon, and its camera and battery life are okay.


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