4 cheapest phone plans (2021): alternatives for large operators


Mobile phone compatibility: only Some phones can use FiCompared with other providers, the list of compatible phones is small.

If you hardly use any data, it’s best

thing (10-55 USD per line)

Ting modified its data plan from the most imaginable ordering method. In this method, you pay at a variable rate Every One aspect of the phone plan, to a more typical layered system, such as its competitors.

All plans include 5G network access, unlimited calls and text messages, and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. There is no data for the $10 plan, and you need to pay $5 for each GB of data used. If you hardly use data, this is the best plan on the market. You have the core features of fast network access and unlimited calls and texts without having to pay high fees for data that you won’t use.

The $25 plan includes 5 GB of data, and you can use all of this data on the hotspot, but the $35 plan only allows you to use 8 GB of its 12 GB allocation on the hotspot. Both are reliable deals, but they are slightly better than the competition.

However, if you exceed the monthly data limit, Ting will reduce you to 2G network speed. That’s cruel. In fact, all MVNO and MVNO-like operators will slow down your speed after you exceed the data volume, even with unlimited plans, but 2G is especially slow. You can pay $5 for each 1GB of additional data to retain 5G and 4G LTE speeds, and any remaining portion of these additional data can be carried over to the next month.

Cost of our favorite Ting plan $10 per month, Although you must also pay $5 per GB of data.

Mobile phone compatibility: Ting uses Verizon and T-Mobile networks, so mobile phones that are suitable for one of these two services are likely to be suitable for Ting. Check the compatibility of your device here.

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Boost has been owned by Sprint for many years. When T-Mobile annexed Sprint last year, Boost was acquired by Dish Network. It has five packages, ranging from US$15 to US$45 per month. Each package has Wi-Fi hotspot data, 5G network access, and unlimited calls and text messages. The lowest layer has a hotspot limit of 2 GB. If you connect it to a laptop to browse the web, this limit is quite low. You can use the full data allocation of each non-unlimited plan on a hotspot, which gives it an advantage over similarly priced plans, such as Ting’s $35 package.

The unlimited plans of $50 and $60 per month do not make economic sense.If that’s your business, go to be visible Or one of the main operatorsThe cheapest low-level three-tier plan is only available for new Boost customers, while the lowest two plans require you to bring your own equipment.


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