17 Weekend Sale: Laptops, household items, hairdressing tools


We hope you are Enjoy the rest of the summer. But as the heat wave continues to raging across the country, you may be trapped inside when the air conditioner is activated. (Read our guide How to keep cool if there is no air conditioner.) If you need equipment to decorate your indoor space and stay busy, we will find some great deals on laptops, smart home gadgets and hairdressing tools. Remember, there are still a few weeks before Labor Day; if you are buying something in particular, it may be wise to wait.

Preparing for the new semester?View our list Back to school offer We compiled it earlier this week. We have included some of them here.

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Laptop sale

Moft Z 5-in-1 laptop stand

Photo: Moft

All Moft products are currently eligible for a 20% discount using the code StudyWITHMOFT before mid-September. This is our favorite Laptop stand. It is light and easy to carry, and can be converted to a variety of different heights, making you more comfortable working in front of the computer all day. It is usually around $60.

This MacBook had the same discount last weekend, but deals that include it again are rare. (This is also Available at B&H.) Its battery should last a full day of work or school, and it’s powerful enough For most people. If you are a college student, you can enjoy additional discounts and a pair of AirPods .edu email address If you bought Directly from apple.

If you prefer Windows to iOS, Surface Pro 7 It is a good choice, especially for those who want to enjoy the world of tablets and laptops at the same time. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and has a long battery life. The deal is for the 10th generation Intel Core i5 model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. If you need more storage space, several other models are also available.

This Surface Go screen resolution There are some shortcomings, but it is still the rugged laptop that WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson likes. This is a great back-to-school device. Like the Pro 7 above, this deal applies to configurations with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. Avoid the 4-gig model.

For Google fans, Pixelbook Go is one of them Our favorite Chromebook, And it comes from the company that supports Chrome OS. The battery lasts all day, and it has a beautiful tactile keyboard. Remember that you can only run Google Chrome and Android applications on a Chromebook, so if you are using software that is not browser-based or in the Google Play store, then this is not for you.

Smart Home Offers

Lenovo Smart Clock

Photo: Lenovo

If you are looking for a Smart display This is a good price for your bedside table.It can do anything else A smart speaker or display that supports Google Assistant Yes, but its 4-inch screen is a particularly good size for bedside tables.

If you prefer Alexa and can spend a little more money, then Echo Show 8 is the best in the Echo Show series. The 8-inch screen fits most rooms. The camera has an automatic pan and zoom function, which allows you to stay in the center of the screen during a video call, and there is a physical shutter after completion.Like other Smart display, You can control other smart home devices by voice or screen.

Wired Critic Park Hall Like his Ecobee smart ecosystem, Including this camera. It has 1080p video and a two-way microphone, so you can talk to your pet (or unsuspecting guests) when you are out. You can also set the camera to turn off when you are at home so that it will not record you when you are sitting nearby.

Home sale

Bee’s package

Photo: Bee’s Package

We like this alternative to plastic packaging From a company that uses sustainably sourced beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. It is less wasteful and troublesome than other things, and it is not difficult to clean.

Catit produces excellent cat products, and We like some of its fountains. This is usually very affordable, you can usually buy it for a few dollars.it is Available from chewy Similarly, if you prefer to buy pet supplies there.

The hot dome and record temperature make this summer an absolute nightmare for people No air conditioning. Even with it, it is difficult to keep cool, especially at bedtime. Layla’s heat sinks are super light, and when mercury reaches three digits, they are the only sheet used by WIRED critic Jess Gray.

Good digital photo frame It’s expensive, so it’s nice to see any discounts. Among the Nixplay frames we have tried, we prefer the 10.1-inch frame to the 9.7-inch frame. Although the resolution is lower, you won’t know unless you study them side by side. Nixplay recently released a Touch screen model We haven’t tested it yet, but the non-touch frame is still a good choice.

Invisawear is one of several companies that hide SOS buttons in jewelry or keychains, so you don’t need to use your fingers to get help.We’re already Try and like some of its products, All of them now have a 25% discount.Wired critic Medea Giordano prefers key chain, Placed next to her pepper spray.

Personal care discount

Revlon One Step

Photo: Revlon

Conair’s flat iron is always cheap, about $30, but it’s One of the best we have tried (Even compared to super expensive models). Its plates are long and thin, so you can straighten or curl your hair effortlessly.

It has fallen a bit before, but it is still a good deal.Revlon brushes are A fanatical favorite of hair influencers and wired staff Same. It is not suitable for all hair textures, but if you use a hair dryer and round brush regularly, it may be useful for you.

The diffuser dries the hair without disrupting the natural curling pattern, thereby reducing frizz. If you already have a hair dryer you like, then this beloved brand of curling hair is a good diffuser. Due to its foldable design, it can accommodate both larger dryers and thinner dryers (and does not take up too much space when you are not using it).

This percussion instrument is often discounted, but it can Compete with the cannon Sometimes it costs hundreds of dollars. It combines high pressure and heat to really target muscle soreness.

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