13 best weekend deals for TVs, laptops, and vibrators


This is the end Summer and may The beginning of another isolation. A great way to start the back to school season! At least many of us are now vaccinated. We are between the end of the season summer sale and the upcoming holiday sale, so you may want to postpone your purchase of large items. However, we have been looking around for very cost-effective bargains for you to enjoy when you settle down and spend a comfortable and isolated autumn.

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Laptop and gaming hardware sale

Photo: Apple

rare MacBook On sale, not to mention a brand new product with one of Apple’s new M1 processors. M1 MacBook has excellent performance and battery life.Also sold B&H photos as well as.

If you use Chrome, you naturally need matching hardware.If so, please buy this extremely lightweight Chromebook, which is one of them Our favorite Chromebook.

imagine Destiny 2 But in the third person, with time magic. Pioneer It is a very interesting robbery shooting game, full of gorgeous environments, intricate weapons and armors, these armors are usually covered with futuristic but creepy skulls and spikes.

AMD’s Ryzen 7 processor is perfect for DIY gaming computerThey provide the horsepower you need to complete your work in your daily life, and have enough margin to help improve your game performance without becoming a graphics card bottleneck. In addition, when such chips are in short supply, they are in short supply or are too expensive.It’s on sale At newegg, and also.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home gaming PC settings is to invest in a gaming monitor capable of reaching 144-Hz, such as this one. This means that your monitor will be able to keep up with your graphics card, and your game will look silky smooth and super realistic.

TV and headphones sale

Photo: Sony

The Samsung TV is one of our favorites. Although the 85-inch TV is huge and luxurious, it is like having a legal cinema in your living room. With the surge in Covid cases and the demand for masks to be restored, it may be a good idea to invest in your home theater experience.

I have been a fan of Sony Bravia TV for a long time. I got my first one more than ten years ago, when 1080p was the best, and it still worked. This 65-inch 4K TV with HDR has clear pictures and vivid colors.It’s also available At best buy.

These noise-canceling headphones have good reasons to become our favorites. They swallowed the rest of the world, isolated you with your music, and nothing else. Even though their names are the worst ever, they are great headphones.

Beats Studio headphones are very soft and comfortable, and like all Beats headphones, they are very stylish and will make you look cool when you wear them around your neck.These are also available On target.

Family and personal health specials

Photo: Amazon

There are few things Instant Pot can’t do. Although I have never made it in my own yogurt, I am relieved to know that I can make it if I really want to. On the contrary, it has been making a rice cooker all its life.

Lelo’s Sona Cruise is one of our favorite air pulse toys. It provides powerful stimulation and multiple suction modes, as well as reliable all-round battery life. Not to mention it’s just a cute little thing. All curves are decorated with gold.

Prostate stimulation has not received the attention it deserves. Lelo’s Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate vibrator with a narrow flared base that can be held firmly in place. For extra fun, the remote control is motion sensitive, so you can stimulate yourself or your partner by tilting and moving the remote control.

Tushy’s easy-to-install bidet is our favorite Butt washing options. let us Learn a lesson From the last time I quarantined, and store toiletries in advance.

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