12 fun ways to help children learn while playing at home


You think you have kids. But what you really have is a curiosity machine wandering around in your life, peeking, peeking, stimulating the world, wondering how it works, how they fit into it, and what it might mean.

Fundamentally speaking, education is to cultivate the natural curiosity of villains and help them understand their own world. In our current goal-oriented education culture, this is often overlooked or lost. To help restore some balance and encourage your children to explore their world in new ways, we have collected some of our favorite learning tools.

You can call them whatever you want: extracurricular activities, learning tools, home teaching aids. Your children will only call them funny.

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Update August 2021: We have added some new things to the back to school season, including Kindle for kids, some binoculars, and remind you that there are many good things available for free in your local library.

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