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SL: Lauren, I want to support this suggestion.For leading Jean Smart, this is a hell of a year hacker. She was also in East Town Mare. You know, Delco outside of Philadelphia, her performance is incredible.

LG: Yes, she is the chef’s kiss, very good. Mike, do you have any suggestions?

MC: I would like to recommend a gadget, it is not a new gadget, it is an old gadget, it has been around for about four years. I hold it in my hand. It’s called Mighty Vibe. It is an audio player, about the same size as an iPod Shuffle——

LG: It looks like an iPod.

MC: Square iPod Shuffle. It is basically an iPod Shuffle for Spotify. You pair it with the app on your phone, then sync it to your Spotify account, then download your Spotify playlist to this thing, then clip it to your shirt, then you can use the Bluetooth headset Or old-fashioned plug-in headphones and you can listen to music anytime, anywhere. So it’s like an iPod Shuffle, but it basically syncs to Spotify. This is something I wanted for a long time, it came out, I never got it. There was a person hanging out in the office, and now we come back to the office several days a week, I found it, and I thought, oh, I should try this. If you are a runner, or you often do activities such as hiking, and you like to do so to stay away from the Internet and off the grid, this will be particularly cool because it is an offline device.

It will not connect to Spotify unless you pair your phone with your device at home, and you use Wi-Fi, then it will sync all the music, and then you can take it offline. So when I continue running, I will clip it to my running shorts, and then I can listen to music, and I don’t need to bring my phone when I go out. So it’s 110 dollars, a lot, and I should warn you that it has a problem. So it takes a while to work properly, it may not be able to connect to your two earphones, you may need to try a few different earphones to make it work, but once you make it work, it will just set it up and forget it , You just need to edit it and press the button, this is my recommendation, Mighty Vibe.

LG: I am watching now. can I see? It’s super cute.

SL: If you terminate your Spotify subscription, will it still work?

MC: I think it can. I think that if you just delete the app, then all the music remains on the device and you never sync it again, it just continues to play all the files.

LG: Do you know what it reminds me of? It reminds me, I don’t know if you remember Pebble, I think just before it was acquired, something called Core was developed, which I wrote about.

SL: Yes, I know, I wrote this.

LG: I went to their office in New York City. It is built for runners and is a GPS accessory for runners. I think it might be a bit bigger, but similar.

MC: Yes. Yes, iPod Shuffle still exists, although they are different now. OK. This is our program this week, and everyone should read about Steven’s Blue Origin launch in Van Horn, Texas. You can find them on WIRED.com. Steven, thank you for coming back to the show.

SL: Oh, I really like it.

MC: Thank you all for listening. If you have feedback, you can find all of us on Twitter, just check the program description. The show is produced by Boone Ashworth. Goodbye, we will come again next week.

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