Vecnos Iqui 360 camera review: simple but limited


Last year was Almost the worst time to activate the 360-degree camera-capture a 360-degree panorama of you and all your friends, and enjoy! That is not 2020.

Somehow, Vecnos, a brand Split out The founder of the Japanese company Ricoh managed to survive the pandemic collapse of social life and gradually improved its Iqui 360 camera. Unlike most 360-degree panoramic cameras, this is not an action camera. The company recently released a new version that offers more colors and, more importantly, a major update to its companion app.

Overcoming obstacles

360-degree content has not yet reached the mainstream, mainly because these cameras are not easy to use. Unlike videos taken with smartphones or ordinary cameras, 360-degree videos need to be flattened before they can be shared online. Typical “small earth” spherical images are the most common form of 360-degree panoramic photos because they are the easiest to share.

Facebook is an exception to this rule. It allows you to share 360-degree images, your friends can explore by panning and tilting, but if you want to put 360-degree videos and images on Instagram, Twitter or other places, you may need to edit them first. Let’s face it, adjust the video clip before you can put it online? This is enough to keep most people away.

The 360-degree panoramic image has found a foothold in the sports camera market.Part of the reason is the main camera brands in the category, such as GoPro and Insta360, Has released a 360-degree panoramic camera, but it is also a match made in heaven. When you strap your camera to your head and point your mountain bike at a 30-degree slope, you don’t know what the story will be. The frontal view when you are eliminated may be a good shot, but it may also miss the reason for your elimination-Sasquatch left the left side out of the camera’s field of view.

If you have a 360-degree view of the scene, you can go back afterwards and use the editing software to pan within the 360-degree lens, highlight Sasquatch, and then pan backward to show your own bumps.

Editing video is complex and time-consuming, and most of the software you need usually requires more powerful (and more expensive) hardware to run. Which YouTube channels do you follow make everything look professional, relaxed and relaxed? These people do a lot of work-the work the rest of us wouldn’t do is just share some 360-degree shots with our 20 Instagram friends.

Vecnos’ Iqui cameras are designed to eliminate most obstacles by simplifying the process of taking and sharing 360-degree panoramic photos and videos. It successfully achieved the first goal to a large extent.

More cameras, less distortion

Iqui has been very helpful in enabling 360-degree panoramic cameras to facilitate the non-professional, non-sports camera enthusiast market. Perhaps the best trick is that this is probably the only 360-degree panoramic camera that can be used without a manual.

The design is simple and intuitive. There are three buttons: power, shutter, and a switch for switching between video and still images. The only thing you won’t find yourself is that you need to hold the toggle button to pair Iqui with your phone, but the app will guide you through this operation.

The simplicity is great, but Iqui uses a proprietary charging plug. This is not a deal breaker, but it is annoying. To make matters worse, the adapter you connect to the bottom of the Iqui has a USB-C port on the bottom, which can be inserted into a bracket to keep it upright. But… you need to put it aside to charge. If you can’t charge in that direction, why use a charging dock to keep the camera upright? Laying it flat may scratch the lenses, and many lenses will be scratched.


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