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As the country won its first gold medal, Japan began to participate in the Olympics

Judo Naohisa won Japan’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics and won early glory for the host country. The organizers hope this will trigger a wider enthusiasm for the Olympics.

Although no fans witnessed this historic moment, the commentator of the public broadcaster NHK burst into tears when describing the moment that Gao Ren won. Ibn Against Yang Yongwei Chinese Taipei win the game.

“I am very happy to be able to help the Japanese team cheer up by winning the first gold medal,” Gao Yuan said after winning the men’s under 60 kg heavyweight competition.

The Japanese team won two more gold medals after their first victory on Sunday: Yui Ohashi won the women’s 400m individual medley swimming championship, and Horihai Yutou won the men’s street skateboarding first Olympic gold medal.

On the eve of the Olympics, opinion polls showed that most Japanese Public opposition The Olympic Games will be held during the epidemic. But on Saturday’s first full game day, the International Olympic Committee reported that 69.4 million people (about half of the Japanese population) watched at least part of the Olympics on television.

Japanese athlete Hori Mio added another gold medal to Japan in his Olympic skateboarding debut this year © AFP via Getty Images

Within the International Olympic Committee, there are Long-standing belief Despite the public health crisis, the early success in the game will attract Japanese audiences to watch the world’s largest sports event held at home.

Judo is an event that builds quiet and self-confidence. The competition was held at the beloved Nippon Budokan, which was built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, when the sport made its debut in the Olympics. Japan currently has 40 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 26 bronze medals in this sport, leading the medal list.

When Kosovo’s Distriya Krasnic defeated Japan’s Tonaki Funa in the women’s sub-48 kg heavyweight final on Saturday, it was even disappointing, even though the former was the world’s number one and most popular.

Naoki Ogata, a Japanese official of the International Judo Federation, had high hopes before the game: “There is no doubt that we want to win gold medals in all weight classes.”

Saturday’s event also attracted public enthusiasm Men’s Cycling Road RaceThe masked public ignored official advice and lined up along the 234-kilometer route winding from Tokyo to catch a glimpse of the drivers.

It is expected that a similar scene will occur in the women’s road race at Fuji International Circuit this afternoon, and thousands of fans will be able to watch the race in the stands.This Prohibit spectators from entering the stadium Does not extend beyond Tokyo.

But voices of opposition abound. The photo of the Japanese Olympic Committee Chairman Yasushita Yamashita without a mask while talking to officials in a judo competition made local headlines.

Takeshi Kitano, a director born as a comedian, famous for his movies brother and fireworks, Gave a rare harsh assessment Otherwise very popular The opening ceremony will be held on Sunday’s TV show.

“It’s great, I slept most of the time. Give us the money back,” he said, predicting that people will realize “how stupid Japan is” when looking back at the 2020 Olympics.


Australia's Kate Campbell participates in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Women's 4x100m Relay

The Australian team won the women’s 4x100m swimming relay for the third time in a row and set the first world record at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics © Getty Images

  • The Australian women’s 4x100m swimming relay team set the first new world record for the Tokyo Olympics and won the gold medal with a score of 3:29.69. The team led Canada by a full 3 seconds, and Canada only won the silver medal by a narrow margin. Also in the swimming pool, American swimmer Chase Kalisz won the men’s 400-meter medley with a score of 4:09.42.

  • The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that the typhoon may land in Tokyo or its surrounding areas as early as Tuesday, which has disrupted the schedule of some sports events. Typhoon Nepartak formed in the southeast of Honshu, Japan’s main island, on Friday. Organizers of the Olympic Games said they have been monitoring the storm and the possibility of further delays in the event.

In the women's taekwondo competition below 57 kg, British player Jed Jones (right) and refugee Olympic team player Jimia Arizad Zenolin compete on the same stage

British player Jed Jones (right) won gold medals in taekwondo at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. But she was unable to defend her title against Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin of the Refugee Olympic team, photo on the left © AFP via Getty Images

  • The British player Jed Jones, who has won two Olympic taekwondo champions, was eliminated from the round of 16 in the women’s sub-57 kg category. The result was a major disappointment for the world number one, being defeated by Kimia Arizad Zenolin, who was born in Iran and represented the refugee Olympic team. It is generally believed that Jones will win the GB team’s first gold medal in Tokyo.

  • Australia’s Ashley Barty was defeated in the first round of the women’s singles match. The world number one won the Olympic victory at Wimbledon this month, but lost to Spain’s Sara Sorribes Tormo in a shocking manner.On the men’s side, Britain’s Andy Murray announced his withdrawal Singles matches Focus on doubles matches with Joe Salisbury. Murray said that due to quadriceps strain, he advised him not to participate in these two events.

  • The International Olympic Committee announced 10 new Covid-19 cases at the Olympics on Sunday, bringing the total disclosed to 132. Among them is the Dutch rowing coach Josie Wildonksshot, who has entered a 10-day quarantine period.

On the podium

Tunisian Ahmed Hafnawi poses with the gold medal after winning the men's 400m freestyle championship

Ahmed Hafnaoui of Tunisia defeated Jack McLoughlin of Australia and Kieran Smith of the United States to win Tunisia’s first ever Olympic swimming gold medal © AP

The possible winners have the original uniforms prepared by their National Olympic Association to ensure they look alike at the medal ceremony. But Ahmed Hafnawi of Tunisia does not seem to be the case. His victory in the men’s 400m freestyle was his country’s first swimming gold medal.

This is an alarming anxiety. Hafnaoui is the second Tunisian to enter the Olympic swimming final. He started from outside. But his swimming speed was three seconds faster than his personal best record in the preliminaries and won with a score of 3:43.36. On the podium, he was wearing a simple gray training T-shirt. However, all attention was focused on the medal hanging around his neck.

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