The U-turn of the mask broke the American ecstasy over the nascent Covid recovery


Rochelle Walensky announced in mid-May that fully vaccinated adults in the United States can take off their masks during “large and small indoor and outdoor activities,” which made her ecstatic.

The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Americans “all yearn for this moment” and “when will we return to normalcy.”

But this week the CDC announced that Varensky’s tone was pessimistic. Forced to reverse, The new guidelines call for vaccinated Americans to wear masks again in many areas of the United States, where the delta variants of the coronavirus have surged again.

The sudden U-turn is not only a huge setback for the health authorities, but it also symbolizes the distressing awareness across the country that the pandemic is making a comeback – rather than the steady decline that Americans expected earlier this year.

“The Delta variant shows its willingness to be smarter than us every day,” Varensky exclaimed.

Since late June, many health experts, hospital staff and government officials have been worried that the disease will make a comeback, when the infection rate began to rise again, most of which were unvaccinated people, which brought the Covid crisis back to politics Top of the agenda.

For Joe Biden, who won the 2020 presidential election, partly because he vowed to control the pandemic, the arrival of the Delta variant highlights the shortcomings of his rapid introduction of vaccines in other areas, as it failed to convince many republics in conservative states Party voters accept the poke.

Also cast a cloud over the U.S. Stimulus The economic recovery may cool down activities again and may delay the reopening of face-to-face learning in schools.

On Tuesday, Biden bravely stated in the new guidelines for wearing masks that he has always promised to follow science in the fight against the coronavirus, and that the darkest days are still in the rearview mirror. “The difference from 2020 is that we have the scientific knowledge and tools to prevent the spread of this disease. We will not go back to that problem,” he said.

But that afternoon, in the White House and in many indoor environments in the U.S. capital, including the House of Representatives, it was once again mandatory to wear masks.Biden also requires all Federal worker vaccination. Some Republicans seized this shift to attack the government.

“The CDC has become a political agency of the government. It wants to control every element of our lives,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Thursday. “Not only does this contradict the information they have already released, but it also punishes Americans who have done everything they are required to do.”

Since the reversal, the CDC has been under pressure to justify it. U.S. health officials cited evidence that vaccinated “breakthrough” infections may still spread the virus. This is one of the reasons for the development of new mask guidelines, but they are facing calls for new guidelines.

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But other Republicans are less focused on attacking the government, and are more inclined to urge increasingly desperate conservative voters to vaccinate. Mitch McConnell, the top Republican in the Senate, told Reuters that he would broadcast an ad in support of vaccines on local radio stations in Kentucky because of “bad advice.”

Senator Roy Blunt (Roy Blunt) from Missouri told the regret story of 26-year-old Kole from near his hometown, who recently contracted a very serious case of new coronary pneumonia. “He said,’I just remember sitting in the hospital and thinking to myself,’You could have avoided this situation’.”

Outside of Washington, state and local officials have been scrambling to adjust their guidelines and tasks to deal with this sudden relapse of the disease.

New York and California, once the epicenter of the Covid pandemic in the United States, have tightened restrictions on those who refuse to get vaccinated this week: All state employees must either be vaccinated or undergo a weekly Covid test, their governor announced. In New York, medical staff in public hospitals must be vaccinated if they deal with the public.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said of the authorization: “This is a radical step, but there will be resistance,” but he added: “It’s wise, it’s fair, and it’s in line with everyone’s Interests.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went one step further, announcing a plan to begin providing vaccinated residents with a $100 debit card.

On Thursday, Biden urged other state, regional and local governments to provide $100 in subsidies to newly vaccinated Americans to increase financial incentives for vaccination.

In New York, the harsher approach coincided with the beginning of the September school year, and civic leaders desperately pushing workers to return to Manhattan office buildings to protect the city’s commercial livelihoods. According to data provided by security provider Kastle Systems, currently only about a quarter of the people in the office are occupied.

This poses a threat not only to commercial landlords, but also to thousands of restaurants and small businesses that rely on large numbers of Manhattan office workers, many of whom are commuters.

It is hoped that attendance will rise sharply after the Labor Day holiday on September 6, and the company urges employees to return collectively.However These plans may be frustrated If the Delta variant continues to push up new infections.

When announcing the vaccine authorization, Cuomo also called on companies to let their workers come back. “We need private sector companies to say to their employees:’I need you to go back to the office’,” said the Governor of New York State.

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