The Republican Party has become a nihilistic party


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As long as Donald Trump is still breathing, he may run for election again in 2024. This has become obvious, not because his ambitions have changed — Trump no longer cares about his business, just to prevent it from collapsing — but because Republicans are all about Caesarism. The whole party now has a truth, and that is what Trump said, even if it is different after breakfast.

This week, at the hearing on Capitol Hill on January 6, the final determination of Trump’s ownership became clear. It is worth emphasizing that the party has developed so rapidly since then. In January of this year, Republican leaders condemned the rebellion aimed at preventing Joe Biden from winning and hurting hosts including Vice President Mike Pence. Their disgust does not seem to be fake.

Within a few weeks, they turned to saying that the United States should let sleeping dogs lie, especially after Trump ceased to be president. Let the law take care of the worst criminals. Their next spiritual leap was to incite conspiracy theories, that the attack was infiltrated by left-wing groups, such as Black Lives Matter, With the help of the FBI, Tarnishing the name of the Republican Party.

Finally, as we have seen this week, the focus has shifted to the purely Trumpian description of January 6: The hearing was a partisan hunt; except for a few gangsters who might be implanted, everyone involved was Is a true patriot. Many of these accounts coexist. Trump’s moderate defenders say that half of the countries have lost confidence in the integrity of the US electoral system, and their voices need to be heard. Others say that Biden is a traitor. They are all on the same bullet train to the Sea Lake Manor.

The hardest thing to ignore are those who know better.John Stuart Mill said: “The bad guys don’t need anything, as long as the good guys watch and do nothing. Republicans can count on more and more deranged actors in their ranks. , Such as QAnon popularizer Marjorie Taylor Greene, who compares wearing a mask to Yellow stars Jews were asked to wear them by Hitler; Paul Gosar said that the United States is in a civil war, “We just haven’t started shooting“; and Matt Gates, who is under investigation Possible underage sex transactions.

As the hearing began on Tuesday, six lawmakers protested outside the US Department of Justice for the release of “political prisoners” arrested after January 6. But they are typing. The familiarity with their stories indicates the postmodern fusion of tech-savvy attention seekers and caveman prejudices. It should be no different.

It is the promoter who changes history. In 1956, John F. Kennedy published his “Profiles in Courage,” a book that celebrated American historical figures who took a principled stand that harmed their careers.Today’s candidate will be Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger, Described this week as “two diehard conservatives”[Nancy] “Pelosi Republican” was written by Kevin McCarthy. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy went from condemning Trump’s role in the rebellion to visiting Sealake Manor to apologize in two weeks. Cheney and Kingsinger have sacrificed the Republic. Any future of the party. In contrast, McCarthy is likely to realize his ambition to replace Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives after the midterm elections next year.

McCarthy was spoiled. Think of Mike Pence. Even though the rebels searched for his blood in the Capitol, Trump refused to answer his increasingly frenzied calls. Pence knows Trump’s character. However, ambition forced him to keep himself secret.Pence didn’t say a word to his supporters Call him a traitor. Or JD Vance, a hinterland conservative known for his passionate book,”Elegy of the Hillbilly“Regarding the breakdown of moral responsibility in his community. Vance, who is running for the nomination of the Ohio Republican Senate, once called Trump “reprehensible.” Now Vance wants Trump’s support, and he has become his Greek choir.

On Tuesday, Cheney asked: “Will we be blinded by partisanship so that we will abandon the miracle of the United States?” This is a rhetorical question that her party has already answered. irresponsible, Cheney warning, The fatal incident on January 6th will become a routine matter. Her colleague sneered in response. The Republican Party has regarded nihilism as its creed.

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