The Conservative Party nervously welcomes Johnson’s second anniversary as prime minister


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Boris Johnson spent his second anniversary as the leader of the Conservative Party in the brilliant isolation of Chequers on Friday, subject to Covid rules and examining the increasingly dangerous political landscape .

Most prime ministers entering the mid-term will like the consistent polling lead that the Conservative Party enjoys-last week YouGov placed Johnson’s party 13 points Leading the Labor Party-but the lead is shrinking and the problems are increasing.

In the last week before the summer vacation in the House of Commons, Johnson was forced to quarantine in his graceful mansion in Buckinghamshire after contacting the health minister Sajid Javid, who was infected with the coronavirus.

His physical separation from the political parties symbolizes that the gap between the prime minister and some of his political parties is widening. They are worried about his government style, his handling of the Covid crisis, and the upcoming major economic decisions.

“People are a little nervous,” a cabinet minister said, reflecting the mood of the Conservative Party two years after Johnson defeated Jeremy Hunt to win the Conservative Party crown. One day later, on July 24, 2019, he succeeded Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Johnson was politically exposed after lifting most of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions on Downing Street on July 19 Operation misfire Some Conservative MPs worry that under the leadership of a high-spending prime minister, the Conservative Party may become a “high-tax party.”

Dominic Cummings of Boris Johnson: “He has no plan, he doesn’t know how to become prime minister” © Jeff Overs / BBC Handout / Reuters

Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings (Dominic Cummings) Tell BBC This week: “He has no plan. He doesn’t know how to become prime minister.” Many Conservative MPs despise Cummings, but some agree with the adviser’s criticism and hope Johnson will prove him wrong.

Johnson pointed out that he completed Brexit and Successfully launched One of his highlights as prime minister is the country’s vaccination program. His approval rating exceeds that of his Labour rival, Sir Kil Starmer, but the support of Conservative MPs for him is far from rock solid.

A Conservative MP said: “For many people, this summer will be the first period of real reflection. When they see Downing Street, I think most people will lack leadership in the Prime Minister and some people and personnel. Feeling visibly nervous. He has surrounded himself.”

A senior official in Whitehall described the emotions of civil servants as “tired and irritable,” warning that they would face difficult months before attempting to implement policies without sufficient funds-the budget is strained by the new crown virus- And key employees were quarantined due to the virus.

The restrictions were lifted on July 19, while the number of Covid cases was increasing, which is contrary to public opinion polls showing that the public is in favor of caution © Martin Pope/Getty

Senior Conservative MP Steve Baker worries that the prime minister has lost his courage and is now seeking to introduce Covid-19 restrictions a few days later Scrap themJohnson does not rule out the possibility of another blockade.

This week the ministers suggested Covid passport may be required in the fall Not only in nightclubs, but also in sports events, music venues and business gatherings. Baker threatened that if he had to produce a health certificate, he would boycott the Conservative Party meeting in the fall.

“Even if colleagues are refreshed from the rest, it is difficult to see how they will not become increasingly dissatisfied with the government’s authoritarianism, especially when our voters are hit hard, our lead in opinion polls begins to disappear,” he said .

Johnson’s Covid strategy puts him in a double-dangerous situation. The restrictions were lifted on July 19-dubbed “Freedom Day” by the Conservative media-and cases are on the rise, which is inconsistent with the public’s desire to take a more cautious approach in public opinion polls.

If he is forced to re-implement the restrictions, the public will first blame him for removing the restrictions, and the Liberal Conservative MPs will turn to a leader who once claimed that the road to lifting the blockade is “irreversible.”

If Johnson tries to forcibly pass his Covid passport plan, he may see the Conservative rebels and the Labour Party join forces to defeat him, and when the House of Commons returns on September 6, the dangers of other parliaments are in sight.

The Prime Minister is eager to fulfill the promise he made on the Downing Street steps two years ago to “solve the social care crisis once and for all”, but found that the estimated £10 billion needed will once again put pressure on the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson and Rich Sunak: Tensions between the profligate prime minister and the fiscally conservative chancellor are rising © Jonathan Brady/PA

Johnson had hoped to announce the plan this week-until he is restricted to Checkers-and ministers are expected to support an increase in national insurance contributions by 1% to cover the plan.

But the overall tax burden in the UK has been the highest since the 1960s. Conservative MPs said that Westminster is forming a group to prevent the Conservative Party from turning into a “high tax party.”

On Thursday, Secretary of Commerce Kwasi Kwarteng said: “I don’t see how we can increase national insurance. This is a sign of philosophical tension.” Colleagues said that Kwarteng didn’t know that this approach might be fast. Will become official policy.

Stammer said the Labor Party may oppose the idea — NI is not paid by the elderly, nor is it paid by dividends or rent — and can join the low-tax Conservative Party to defeat it. Johnson put the final decision on hold until the fall.

There are other dangers in autumn.Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak worries about the impact of future interest rate hikes on the economy UK debt burden Close to 100% of GDP.

The tension between the profligate prime minister and the fiscally conservative prime minister is Already under construction, A Conservative Party official said.

Even a comfortable poll leader can be a blessing and a curse. Politics is usually about motivation, and if, as Baker suspects, the polls oppose Johnson, it could breathe life into Stammer’s dying Labour leadership.

Former Conservative cabinet minister David Gauck said: “This can become very difficult. People are eager to continue to advance the political narrative: is the Conservative Party struggling? Is the Labor Party making a comeback?”

On Saturday, the Times YouGov poll showed that some of the concerns of Conservative MPs may begin to become reality: The party’s lead in the Labour Party’s poll fell from 13 percentage points to 4 percentage points within a week.


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