TCL 20 Pro 5G, 20S and 20 SE review: a powerful and cheap Android phone


In fact, lack of software support is the real deal killer. TCL only promises to provide two-year security updates for all 20 series. 20 Pro 5G will get two Android operating system upgrades, 20S will get one, and 20 SE cannot guarantee any upgrades.Longer software support means your phone may last longer, and competitors such as Samsung are raising the bar Four Coverage period. TCL needs to improve its competitiveness here.

OK camera

Although the 20 Pro 5G is still quite good, the camera systems on these phones are not as good as their counterparts. Its 48-megapixel main camera tends to remove excessive shadows and oversaturation, and at night, Pixel 4A 5G Beat it with brighter and more detailed images.But this does not mean that TCL’s camera is bad. I took some great low-light photos. It has a 16-MP ultra-wide lens that gives you more versatility. It works well, especially when taking pictures in well-lit conditions.

The 20S’s 64-MP main camera and 8-MP ultra-wide-angle camera are less impressive, especially at night. There is a problem with the focus, so I usually shoot very blurry. Daytime photos also have too few shadows and too much saturation. I prefer the photos I took from the Galaxy A32 5G mentioned earlier, and only pay an extra $30.

As for the less than $200 TCL 20 SE and its 48-MP main camera, I have hardly used it to take any photos. If you want to capture anything that moves, such as a dog, it will be blurry. For stationary objects, images during the day are okay, but because there is no dedicated night mode, low-light photos lack sharpness.

Fierce competition

Cheap smartphones with four-year software support were a pipe dream in 2020, but they are now a reality. TCL 20 Pro 5G is not bad Choose, but the phone likes Pixel 4A 5G and Galaxy A52 5G Will stay safe and get new features for a longer period of time. In addition, they have a more powerful 5G connection.

As for 20S and 20 SE, the strange thing is more competition In the category under $300, so you have too many options.This Galaxy A32 5G (US$280) It beats both with similar battery life, better performance, longer software support, and better cameras.For the low end, you’d better use something like Moto G Power, Its camera is better than the 20 SE, and the price is reduced to 230 US dollars.

I hope that TCL’s third attempt in 2022 will make its cheap phones the best choice. But for this, it needs image processing and should consider extending the length of support provided for its equipment. As they said, the third time was a charm.


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