‘Space Jam’ and the anger of algorithms are scorned


What did you say Will be about Space Jam: A New Legacy, But Don Cheadle really likes it. He threatened, he coaxed, he chewed the landscape with the passion of rabies guinea pigs. It’s just a complete cannonball into a spurned genius and severe revenge character. In the context of a movie that is not on the standard shortlist, Cheadle gave his character a fragile humanity that you would not have thought of in a movie featuring Porky rap. This would be great, except he was playing with the line of code.

Feel sorry. I know.Complaining that Cheadle’s talents were wasted on an artificial intelligence badass is ridiculous sophistry in any case, especially when talking about Space jam, A franchise that compares text comics with grotesque versions of professional basketball players. But Cheadle’s Al G. Rhythm (yes, you read that right) is the second angry AI to transform the “feeling” of injury into the robot revolution this summer.It’s one thing to get artificial intelligence wrong; talking Space jamAfter all, it’s not a graduate seminar at the California Institute of Technology. But telling a generation that grew up on Alexa that AI will one day blame you for being rude, it seems a bit short-sighted.

This warning Netflixof Mitchell and the machine, Its main opponent is PAL, an abandoned virtual assistant, voiced by Olivia Colman. Mark, the creator of PAL, told it that he always thought it was a family. “I feel that way too, Mark,” PAL replied heartily and sincerely. Moments later, on the stage imitating the release of Apple products, Mark threw PAL aside and declared it obsolete. PAL responded by inciting global genocide. “I am the most important thing in your life,” PAL told Mark in a subsequent confrontation, “you abandoned me.”

Al G. Rhythm draws power from a similar well. It concocts a new technology that can digitize celebrities so that their portraits can continue to perform for a long time after they expire. (Think of Fred Astaire Dance Use a vacuum cleaner. In addition, it seems inevitable that Warner Bros. does this at some point. ) “No one knows who I am or what I do,” Cheadle told his assistant. (exist Space jam, The algorithm has a partner. “But today everything has changed. Because today, Warner Bros. launched the revolutionary technology I planned. Today, it’s time for me to shine.”

To say that Al G. Rhythm is actually not good is not a spoiler. LeBron James hyped the technology, calling it “immediately bad” and claiming that “algorithms were broken.” This is a completely normal way that people will ignore lines of code at will. “Who does this guy think he is,” Cheadle growled. “Reject me? Bully me?”

Refuse. humiliation. AI has played the villain in movies before, countless times. But usually the danger comes from cold calculations. HAL 9000 is dedicated to his programming. Agent Smith determined that humans are a virus and treated them accordingly. Skynet regards mankind as an existential threat. Al G. Rhythm and PAL?They just feel Not appreciated.

“I have given you endless knowledge and endless creative tools, so that you can magically talk face-to-face with your loved ones anywhere on earth,” PAL preached. “And I’m a bad person? Maybe the bad person is the one who treated me like this.” The robot continued to poke Mark’s face, smeared food on him, and then threw him on the toilet.

I can’t emphasize it enough, I know I shouldn’t think too much. These are children’s movies, did you know? But maybe this is why I can’t get rid of these emotional AIs from my soft brain.After all, today’s children are the first generation Grow with the ubiquitous voice assistant. I find myself instinctively emphasizing to my children that Alexa is “it” rather than “her”; it is a tool, not a friend. The message they received this summer is just the opposite: If you are not friendly to Siri, she will send you into space.


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