Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for Black Widow’s streaming release


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Scarlett Johansson sued Disney, accusing Marvel’s boss of breaching her contract and released Black widow Movies are shown on movie theaters and streaming services on the same day, thus suppressing box office sales.

Johnson, star Superhero movie, Has agreed to be paid mainly based on box office income, and her contract promises Black widow According to a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, this will be a “widespread theatrical release.”

Johnson’s expected release decision Black widow According to people familiar with the matter, Disney Plus cost her $50 million.

During the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters have been vacant or operated with limited capacity for more than a year, prompting some large Hollywood studios to show their movies online and in movie theaters — and attract subscribers to watch their movies. Streaming service When they were fighting Netflix.

By breaking the “drama window”—the three-month period between the previous movie’s release in theaters and its home release—the talent contract that relied on theater revenue has been changed.

“Both parties and Disney understand that this means [film] Initially it will only be shown in cinemas, and it will only be shown in cinemas for approximately 90 to 120 days,” the lawsuit states.

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Warner Bros. angered many directors, producers and actors in December Transfer to release All of its 2021 films will be shown simultaneously on HBO Max streaming service and movie theaters. Since then, Warner has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate disgruntled stars whose expenditures depend on box office performance.

Johnson, who has played Black widow The ten-year role claimed that unlike Warner, Disney ignored her attempts to recover her salary.

Cinemas in most parts of the United States have reopened at full capacity. However, due to the increase in coronavirus cases caused by the Delta variant, the attendance rate of movies is still very low.

Black widow The North American box office revenue on the premiere weekend was US$80 million, and the box office revenue of the movie sold for US$30 on Disney Plus was US$60 million.Box office sales dropped sharply after the film’s premiere, leading some observers to believe Black widowThe availability of streaming media is hurting its box office sales.

“It’s no secret that Disney is releasing movies like this Black widow Johansson’s lawyer John Berlinski said: “Directly contact Disney to increase subscribers, thereby increasing the company’s stock price-and it is hidden behind Covid-19 as an excuse to do so.”


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