Richard Carapas wins bicycle gold medal for Ecuador


Tokyo Olympics update

Richard Carapaz of Ecuador won the Olympic Men’s Cycling Road Race on Saturday, conquering cruel mountain routes in the heat, and thus won the second place in the Olympic Games for this South American country. Gold medal.

This race was attended by many of the best drivers in the world, including Slovenia’s Tadje BogachaOnly one week after winning the Tour de France (the most prestigious race in the professional cycling world) did he win the bronze medal.

No one has won the Olympic championship and the championship of the tour in the same year. Many of the 126 drivers who came to Tokyo arrived in Tokyo a few days after the three-week tour, facing the high temperature and high temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. 70% humidity. Unparalleled endurance test.

The 28-year-old Carapaz, nicknamed “La Locomotora” or “The Locomotive”, proved that he was born for men’s individual road races. He grew up running and growing on high-altitude mountains in the often humid climate of his hometown.

The power-to-weight ratio is a key factor in dealing with courses designed for the best climbers in the world. According to research by bicycle coaches Hunter Allen and Andre Coggan, top riders can produce up to 6.40 w/kg in 60 minutes. Pogačar is one of those who must be able to always approach this limit.

This measure explains why heavier cyclists have difficulty climbing the toughest peaks. They have larger muscles and provide more power through pedals, but this is far more than offset by the energy required to drag heavier weight on steep roads.

Strong climbers must also show the ability to maintain their pace for a long time, by constantly exerting force to push the wheels forward to counter gravity.

Adam Yates of the GB team almost missed the silver and bronze medals in the sprint © AP

The race conditions did consume the energy of the drivers because they were driving on a 234-kilometer route, which required 5 kilometers of altitude along the lower slope of Mt. Fuji and a challenging climb at the Mikuni Pass with a slope of 10.6%.

Pogačar appeared to be in good shape on the Mikuni Pass, which was only 37.3 kilometers away, and the sudden burst of acceleration kept him away from his opponent.

However, in the end, considering that his legs walked thousands of kilometers from the Tour de France, he could not hold on and was pulled back to the chasing team.

Among those who survived the climb, Carapaz proved to be the strongest. First of all, he and American player Brandon McNulty left the home team, and the two worked together to master the dizzying high-speed descent, which is a test of skill and courage.

Then, when the race came to an end at the Fuji International Circuit, he launched his final offense and rode to the finish line alone.

Behind him, a sprint for the silver and bronze medals was launched. This led to a group photo between two Wout van Aert, who loved Belgium before the game, the latter defeated Pogačar with the width of a wheel to win the silver medal.

In the end, the racers were welcomed by approximately 11,000 spectators on the track.

The ban on gatherings in stadiums during the Olympics due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic did not extend beyond the capital, causing the masked public to ignore official recommendations and draw lines that wind from the southwest of Tokyo.

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As the riders passed by, some people beat traditional drums, and once, an energetic young man in underwear sprinted side by side with the leader.

These groups cover up public opinion polls, which show a lack of enthusiasm for hosting the Olympics during the pandemic.

Regrettably, from dense forests to impeccable towns, spectacular road races show the spectacular inland scenery of Japan. This may be one of the few ways Olympic athletes can witness the beauty of Japan. It is also Japanese. The main way people will see the performance of some of the world’s best athletes in competitions during these Olympics.


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