Pre-orders for Playdate handheld game consoles will begin on July 29


Two or more Years later First introduce, Panic’s Playdate finally has a pre-order date: Thursday, July 29. This charming and bright yellow handheld video game console has Unique crank On the other hand, its $179 price includes 24 games developed specifically for the device.

However, you will not be able to finish all 24 games at once. Panic will send two games to the device via Wi-Fi every week for three months until all 24 games are in the system. This encapsulated the first season of the game, unfortunately, Panic did not have much to share in the second season.

A Panic spokesperson wrote in an email: “Before determining how the game will be distributed in the future, we are waiting to see how many people are interested in Playdate.” “We will adjust as needed. Everything is currently under discussion. , But it hasn’t been decided yet.” (Panic is mainly a software company that has released successful games for other platforms, including popular Fire watcher.)

I have been playing the pre-production version of Playdate for over a week. This is a fun gadget, suitable for you to manipulate your thumb during a short time of the day, such as while waiting for a train. It is about the size of a pair of sticky notes and fits easily in most pockets.

Crankin’s time travel adventure

Photo: Panic

The games I have tried so far-Crankin’s time travel adventure, Lose your marble, Baishui Suppression, and Saturday edition— Not necessarily the depth or longevity of games you might be used to on handheld devices such as GameBoy, but they can be surprisingly challenging.

But unlike modern mobile games, they have in-app purchases, advertising, and bulky touch screen controls. The physical characteristics of Playdate make it a pleasure. Especially the crank. Pull it out and start spinning it as a control mechanism for the game. Not all titles use crank, but the titles do stand out. You can use the crank to let the surfer perform tricks on the waves, move the marbles to a certain target or control time. (Sadly, although it looks mature, there is no fishing game yet. Let me catch some fish and panic!)

Similar games Crankin’s It really makes me uncomfortable because you need to use the crank quickly and accurately. You will fail a lot. But after I completed a level, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.


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