“Neuromancer” is still exciting cyberpunk


William Gibson published his classic novel Neuromancer Nearly 40 years ago, but it still feels fresh today.Science fiction writer Matthew Krassel He has been a fan of this book since reading it in 1987.

“When I first read Neuromancer, Everything I have read before is the age of gold and silver [sci-fi]——Arthur C. Clark, Larry Niven, Asimov, all of these,” Kressel said in episode 477 Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “So when I met Neuromancer, I thought,’What is this? This is completely different. ‘”

Science fiction in the 1940s and 1950s tended to evoke a consensus on the future of jetpacks, flying cars, and domestic robots. Neuromancer Helped to clarify another view of the future, a view of the future dominated by hackers, drugs, and large corporations.This darker view came to be called Cyberpunk, The facts proved to be more predictive. “More than any other science fiction I can think of, Neuromancer Conveys the feeling of the future,” said Geek Galaxy Guide host David Barr Courtley.

Science fiction writer Sam J Miller I keep finding myself giving up story ideas because he realizes Neuromancer Punch him. “These ideas are so dense and exciting,” he said. “If you rip off half of this book and use it in the book now, that would be great. It won’t feel outdated.”

In the 1990s, Gibson basically abandoned the cyberpunk genre and instead focused on novels set in the present and the near future.Horror author Teresa de Lucci He has been a big fan of Gibson at every stage of his career.

“He’s kind of like a gold standard [cyberpunk] The movement at that time,” she said. “But time continues. The focus and scope of his novels have changed dramatically, so he is still doing his thing, just staying true to his voice and interest. “

Listen to the full interview with Matthew Kressel, Sam J. Miller, and Theresa De Lucci in episode 477 Geek Galaxy Guide (more than). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

Matthew Kressel introduces:

“No one can’t walk into the room [Gibson] Describe the material of their shoes, the type of tie they wear, and where they got their jackets.exist Ghost country There was this killer, this killer, he stayed in a hotel room, and he was commenting on the type of metal they used on the bathroom faucet. I thought,’Well… maybe? He is a sensitive killer. That’s cool. ‘… I doubt whether [Gibson] Just want us to pay attention to how materialistic society has become-everyone has been brainwashed by capitalism so that the first thing they see is the material that someone is wearing, not the person. “

Representative of Sam J. Miller:

“One thing I like about William Gibson is how his world feels connected. There are real politics in Russia, Japan, China, Germany, the United States, and wealth and poverty. This runs through his book-they are always Very diverse, there are always many people from different backgrounds. …but one thing missing is strange. There may be a little here and there-I think it’s Pattern recognition Throughout the book, she thinks this person is gay and they are best friends, but in the end she finds out that he is not and they hook up. Very small, very spare brush strokes have strange places. This is the only different part of his world that I hope he has. “

David Barr Kirtley on technology:

“I think this book is’wrong’. Almost all science fiction novels are wrong, that is, it is impossible to see how common and common technological progress will be. This book still presents the Internet as only super special and super cool people. Visited things and didn’t go further and said, “Oh wait, no, even the most ordinary people will be here. I think this is a very difficult speculative leap-imagine something so amazing for us And realized,’Don’t wait, everyone will have this.'”

Theresa De Lucci on cyberpunk:

“In the 90s, in the gothic industrial scene, we did use a lot of cyberpunk images. I mean, there are cyberpunks, but there are also cybergoths — the photos of the era I have are very Embarrassing, there are a lot of neon hair, plastic and goggles. It’s like matrix forward matrix Came out-then once matrix Came out, and then it became more popular and outrageous. So William Gibson must have a great cult of personality there, I think he will really laugh, because you will never find William Gibson at the Gothic Club. Even when he was young, he wouldn’t be in such a place. “

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