Netflix’s “sexy beast” is ridiculous and surprisingly boring


Why people Watching a dating show? Forget the noble rationality of contemporary sociology and mating rituals-the real reason is not profound. Frankly speaking, it is fun to watch beautiful people dressing up to each other. Always has been, always will Netflix Reality series Sexy beast, The reincarnation of a British show of the same name, understands this basic fact and designs its plot around it, while pretending to reject it. The contestants did not immediately judge the opponent’s appearance, but elaborate makeup and prosthetic limbs to hide their faces, until the end of each episode to reveal the hot or not. This is a shrewd premise. Ugh, Sexy beast Thinking is more interesting than watching.

In every installation Sexy beastIn today’s premiere, three suitors compete for one’s feelings, and everyone becomes a creature, covering up their appearance. A friendly panda is sought after by tin people, aliens, and bulls; a wolf must choose between an owl, a troll, or a dinosaur; and so on. After the first round of dating, there will be a first round of rejection and the loser will be sent home. After the second round, repeat the process. After each rejection, the audience and participants can see the appearance of the person sent home. Then, finally, the winning suitors face their opponents. The result is a show that claims to remove appearance from the equation, in fact, it’s a show about dizzyingly predicting whether the person you hit in a conversation will smoke as you wish. (Participants tend to like body-conscious clothing, tight dresses or biceps contour shirts are designed to show attractiveness. It feels like cheating, but oh well.) The show did not take the participants’ attention from the outside On transfer to them, they are more focused on discovering hot girls.

when. . .when Sexy beast After the trailer came out, its crazy makeup art and high-concept gimmicks were enough to generate a thousand furry joke headlines and a large number of Twitter reactions. For Netflix, this seems to be a definite bet. Masked singerThe vocal performance competition program also has a similar conceit. The contestants hide themselves under elaborate and funny disguise, which proved to be a huge blow to Fox.I have my question Sexy beast‘However, staying power. The final product is too boring. The host Rob Delaney is a talented comedian. He is so low-key as a narrator. You can tell me that artificial intelligence is doing voiceovers, and I will believe you. The makeup is really impressive-if they could include some behind-the-scenes footage on the process of putting it on and taking it off! ——But the date is dull, full of jokes to fill in the blanks. The cast was light to villains and quirky casts, leaving behind a group of cute but dull amiable people who politely poked each other’s chin prostheses while giggling.

For the last person, everyone in the show is as good-looking as the actors in the dish soap commercials, which is understandable (it would be cruel to choose people who are obviously not good-looking).But that means it’s a show always “oh, it turns out they Yes it’s too hot. “I’m getting old so soon! In contrast, masked singers Masked singer Always list celebrities from C to Z, which makes it a more exciting and diverse guessing game.

If there is anything, Sexy beast Is a rare show, I feel it will be better as Which supply. If the duration of each episode is five minutes, then it will be a more powerful product, because the premise and the ending revelation are the only compelling parts. Although its entertainment value did not get high scores, its straightforwardness as a dating show is worth noting. Although attracted attention for its quirky costumes, its courtship behavior is far more down-to-earth than its predecessors in the dating competition. One contestant admitted that she was just trying to break the winning streak, and when she was eliminated, she was obviously relieved. An American participant pointed out that choosing suitors from the UK would make it impossible for them to establish a real relationship, but she was very happy anyway.

I always find shows like this Bachelor And its derivative product is a painful watch; for me, it is both cynical and absurd to say that the contestants really hope to find a long-term commitment under such artificial circumstances.With a few exceptions, the contestants Sexy beast Openly accept the absurdity and cynicism of its premise. They seem to be looking for a fun time to enjoy their fleeting fame on 22 minutes of Netflix. Some contestants, such as the party girl Panda, verbally expressed their desire to establish a true romantic relationship in the show, but most of the participants seemed to regard their appearance as a promise, between swiping to the right on Tinder and continuing the first Three appointments. This is refreshing, it reduces the moral error factor-but it also greatly reduces the stakes.​​​ Rather than a dramatic, tearful rose ceremony, Sexy beast I was dismissed casually, and then walked away without any uncomfortable feeling. There is no artificial heartbreak. However, once the freshness of seeing people dressed up as mythical creatures and zoo animals disappears, seeing two pleasant and amiable people agree that they are both pleasant and pleasant, there is a clear lack of spectacle.If the host Sexy beast Just as easy and honest as its contestants, it will have a different title. But of course, Moderately attractive but weirdly boring beast It doesn’t make much sense.

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