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After living in Dubai for a year, my American friend should be very angry. Local bans include homosexuality and extramarital sex. In his bag, even in his blood, a trace of marijuana will lead to arrest. If it is just to keep the British, there is freedom. This is a hypocritical and sweet talk, but it is as random as architecture.

To explain his liberating look, his sense of ease, he cited culture, not law. Dubai also lacks the informal pressure of “identity” in terms of rights reserved. Overlapping ethnic minority membership does not define him in a city that does not reflect. When transient becomes the rule, there is no reason to discuss or even doubt “who he is”. Seven thousand miles away from the head office, he is free from the test of duplicity and yearning for good and evil every day, and is supervised by his younger generations. Some of the most precious things in life are forbidden in the Gulf monarchy. But having the opportunity to forget oneself and disappear into the sight of everyone is also a kind of freedom.

The answer lies in where to find it in the future. Now, the sun is setting in the idyllic poetry of some nomadic people. In Hong Kong, the problem is re-absorption into China. In Singapore, this is a pandemic and a new commitment to the “core” of the country. Even the United Arab Emirates, facing illness and domestic unemployment, has driven out a large number of foreigners.

I know that there will be very few mourners after the foreign city-state. Dull safety, vulgar cleanliness: knocking on such a place is a must for Bohemians. But superficiality can be liberated. These cities provide a kind of freedom that more conceited cities can never obtain. Although the foreign-born population accounts for one-third or more of its population, New York and London are integrated into the national culture. Berlin, Paris and Tokyo are more stable. There is a deep history here that can be adapted or resolved. The atmosphere is determined by political values ​​and aesthetic tastes and rude commercial democracy.

None of these places Whiteboard A young entrepot can do it. It is a metaphor for people to rewrite themselves in a big city, but-I say this is the peddler of this idea-it is also a half lie.More often, they are written as exist. The old and textured places mark the individual, not the other way around.

It can be seen that Dubai and its peers were able to liberate precisely because of their barrenness. The pressure at work keeps the inner life undisturbed. Even in Singapore, where relationships and childhood memories should have rooted me in, I feel weightless. A world based on these cities will be delayed. But a world without them will deprive certain types of people of the opportunity to recreate.

This is the type I know. So much has been said about the rift between the global class and other classes, that the division within the first tribe disappeared. Among my peers, those who rush to the city-state as soon as possible are usually the first graduates in their homes. Some people walked and ignored the “dirty” mockery (failed in London, try Hong Kong). They desire a broader life than they were born, but they have no irony or embarrassment about material enjoyment. It is the second-generation middle class who prefer big cities or face danger.

This disgust must explain the gap in artistic treatment. The most dramatic cities in the current era of globalization also appear in Victorian cities. Some people interacted with foreign merchants in the Middle Ages. The difference in the past half century or so is the arriviste such as the UAE and Singapore.Joseph O’Neill dog With Kevin Crazy rich asian However, other than that, the stories behind those icicle tower windows are unknown.

In their pomp, these cities reminded me of the French Foreign Legion: a homing beacon for those who desire to get rid of their identity, a fusion of harshness and openness. Just as Legionaires do not swear an oath to France, membership of the city does not imply broader loyalty. If even these places succumbed to a big turn inward, the loss would exceed the business.

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