Meet Troy Baker, the actor behind your favorite video game sound


Even if you Without recognizing Troy Baker’s name, active gamers may recognize his voice.Inject life into different characters, such as Agent Jones Fort night Joel Miller The last of us, Few people in the industry are as busy as Baker.

One of his groundbreaking acting roles appeared in 2013, when Baker played Booker Dewitt in “Beloved.” BioShock Unlimited. Several other games in which he appeared include: Batman Arkham Origins, Far Cry 4, God of war, Mortal Kombat 11, Death stranded, and The Last of Us Part Two.

We talked to Baker about his career, working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, what happened behind the scenes, and his acting skills.

As a child, Baker aspired to become a musician. Sometimes, his career path intersects with his music interests, but Baker appreciates that there is no pressure to use music as a main source of income. “I like the fact that I can do it casually; I don’t have to be a professional. It relieves a lot of pressure. I can sit in front of my piano or pick up one of my guitars and play without any Additional dollar figures,” Baker said.

Photography: Emily Maran

Early in his career, Baker worked for FUNimation and dubbed a series of anime series, including Dragon Ball Z“I cut my teeth, I learned what my voice can do,” he said. “It’s like my theater.” Baker returned to his English dubbing roots in 2018, expressing the titular character of Baki in the popular Japanese manga adaptation of Netflix’s restart.

Baker has been involved in the next generation of consoles, dubbing the character of Simon Krieger in Marvel movies Spider-Man: Miles Morales, One of the earliest games Game console 5, He plays an entity called The Maw in the game medium, One of the earliest games Xbox Series X|S.

Talk about the logistics difficulties encountered during the development of Bloober Team mediumBaker said, “What I particularly like about this industry is that a group of video game nerds look at things like Covid and say,’Well, this is just bad design. We are used to eliminating errors, so how do we solve this problem? The purpose of iteration and development is to find obstacles and find ways to overcome them.”

He emphasized the need to work closely with game studios during the creative process, “You go in there and you do it together. It’s collaborative. It’s not just about coming up with a cool sound by yourself. It’s about working with some Very talented people work and cooperate together.”


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