Jeff Bezos is going to space.Day 1: Countdown


There are important things Yes What happened here, it’s all about Bezos. To me, his self-direction on the passenger manifest of the first manned flight in New Shepard is a bit crazy and needs our attention. Not only is he the richest person in the world, but he may be one of the smartest people. Whether you agree with his business behavior or not, he has built a leading and innovative company that changes the lives of many people, and he has seen opportunities that others have not seen. Yes, he has been excited about space travel since he was a teenager, but as an adult, his resume requires us to take him seriously, because he said he did it not just to elevate the human spirit.He likes to lift weights HumanityThis is why when he says that our destiny—because Gaia is sick and unable to provide the resources to sustain us—is located elsewhere in the solar system, we cannot treat him as a weirdo. When he boarded the spaceship, he invested more than just money.

This is why the so-called competition with Branson, once he heard that Bezos will be promoted on July 20, he openly changed Virgin Galactic’s test schedule, which is for Bezos and the company An unwelcome interference. Blue Origin should stick to the commanding heights. On the contrary, while publicly congratulating Branson, Blue did some sniping, especially arguing that although Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity reached an altitude of about 50 miles, which was recognized as space travel by the FAA, it Without reaching the “real” space, the crew module will cross the 62-mile Carmen line. “There is no asterisk next to our astronaut’s name,” Blue Origin said loudly In tweet(According to records, Alan Shepard’s suborbital flight 60 years ago 116 miles away, Almost twice the origin of blue. )

Actually a little bit Really Inspiring tomorrow: Wally Funk is going to space.I always Read her life——An accomplished person, but there is a dark shadow.She is the youngest member Mercury 13, A group of women were recruited for training as astronauts for private projects in 1960. Fink has achieved excellent results in every test, and in some cases even surpassed the performance of the male astronaut Mercury 7. But when the project entered NASA, the government simply shut it down. The House of Representatives held a hearing, and perhaps the most persuasive witness against women’s integration was John Glenn. Who testifies: “The fact that women are not in this field is a fact of our social order. This may be unwelcome.”

Fink never overcomes rejection. By the time NASA accepted the female astronaut, the qualifications had changed, so she had no chance to win a place. She has spent her life training pilots and investigating aviation disasters for the National Transportation Safety Board. But the loophole in her life was her failure to leave the atmosphere. As time passed, she pinned all her hopes on Branson’s unity. She was one of the first to promise a $200,000 seat in his space flight version, and became one of Virgin Galactic’s most enthusiastic customers, traveling thousands of miles to participate in the company’s regular events to assure ticket holders It still intends to keep its promise. Taking her away from Branson and getting her to take part in New Shepard’s first human flight was a coup, and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tomorrow after realizing her lifelong obsession.

On the other hand, if there is inspiration for the Kármán series, choosing Oliver Daemen as the first paying customer will not achieve its purpose. Fink had to wait 60 years to fly, but the 18-year-old Daemen was lucky to have a father who runs a company. Hedge Fund, They bid millions of dollars at auctions to compete for vacancies. (Blue Origin is sending money to non-profit organizations related to space.) We don’t know the amount, but the original winner 28 million USD The bid came from an unknown participant who mysteriously withdrew a few days before the flight took off, citing a conflicting schedule. (Do we really believe that someone promises $28 million into space without checking the calendar? Please be more transparent. Maybe tell us what the low bid price is now. Also, when will Blue Origin announce the official price for future customers? Plan to add two more flights from this year?) Daemen may be an outstanding young man, his father must be a cool guy, and he can buy a seat for his teenage son for the first manned space journey of a private company , But his joining sparked discussions about parenting, safety and privileges, and I’m not sure if Blue Origin wants to ignite.


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