Jeff Bezos goes to space.Day 3: Re-entry


Followed by another space billionaire Richard Branson’s equally dreamlike marvel, he also portrayed his own Optional suborbital excursions As something beyond human language. “I can never treat it fairly,” he said in His own press conference“The beauty is beyond description.” One word he has always used is “inspiration”-in his view, space is not an infinite void, but a life-changing mountaintop that symbolizes what mankind can accomplish.

Even Colin Bennet, the chief operating engineer of Virgin Atlantic, was on the plane and jumped on the train of awe, portraying space as a paradise. “It’s very Zen,” he said. “It’s quiet there too. What makes me shine is how far away the color looks. …I’m just fascinated.”

Space travel seems to be all about inspiration, beauty and return… our natural state?

Of course, we have heard a lot about the invisible magic of staring at the earth from NASA astronauts who happen to experience spiritual moments in the course of their work. But as people increasingly visit space not for work, but to indulge in life-changing experiences, revelation shifts from an accidental side effect to the crux of the problem. The premise of space tourism does not fully guarantee satori, but it is definitely implicit. (Well, there are many interesting things. A video from RSS First Step, New Shepard’s capsule, shows the crew rolling and playing, throwing balls, and throwing weightless skittles at each other.)

But even though Jeff Bezos’s endless talk about his flirting with space is surprising, the truth is that, in the end, all those clumsy idiots are secondary to him. The excitement and enlightenment of space travel is the main reason for his creation of Blue Origin: starting a journey, allowing millions of people to leave the earth, living and reproducing in space colonies, expanding our species to more than one trillion souls.

He made it clear at the time I talked to him in 2018“I like adventures in space; that’s great,” he said. “But compared to the importance of ensuring that our grandchildren don’t face a stagnant life. Basically, as a civilization, we have a choice, whether we expand into the solar system or accept stagnation on Earth? Over the years, People have given many reasons why we need to go into space, and I personally think this is the only super motivating reason.”

At his post-flight press conference yesterday, he repeated this message, but tactically avoided explicitly talking about space colonies. “We are not just taking risks,” he said. “This is also important. Because what we are doing is a big thing. … We will build a road to space so that our children — and their children — can build a future. “

He continued to insist that his goal was not to escape the earth, but save It, because it is “the only good planet in the solar system.” But as I learned from a few hours of conversation in 2018, he regards the earth as a protected area and a safe haven. Once destructive manufacturing is transferred to an unimaginable vast space, the natural ecology can flourish. The people still living here will become the caretakers of the earth.The huge population living in the lush galactic colony-don’t think about the crowded International Space Station, But large green buildings with lakes, shopping centers, and stadiums can return to their home planet for visits or residences.


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