Children’s vaccines, surge in global cases, and more coronavirus news


Vaccinate children In the controversy, the Delta variant has contributed to a global surge, and drugmakers and countries are considering boosters. Here is what you should know:

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Vaccination of children is expected to become the next politicized pandemic issue in the United States

This week, Tennessee Fired its top vaccine official Notify healthcare providers of a long-term legal mechanism that allows minors over 14 years of age to be vaccinated without parental consent. The state also stopped all online vaccination services for teenagers.This news, coupled with CDC’s recent relaxation of guidelines for wearing masks in school buildings, is likely to herald The next Covid controversy: Vaccinate your child. Clinical trials to test mRNA vaccines for children are underway, and the first emergency authorization is expected in September or October. But if they are approved, the photos taken of the children seem likely to become a political battleground full of misinformation.

On Thursday, American surgeon Vivek Murthy called Misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines More generally, this is an urgent national issue, especially as vaccination rates have slowed and cases have risen again. He specifically called on technology companies to make changes to their platforms to prevent the spread of baseless or inaccurate claims about the epidemic.

Delta variants continue to spur a surge in global and U.S. cases

As the Delta variant continues to spread rapidly, the global epidemic is worsening.The WHO reports that the death toll in Africa Up 43% In the last week, South Korea has tightened restrictions Because it is fighting the worst epidemic to date, and Covid The wards in Indonesia are overcrowded, The fourth most populous country in the world.The surge is particularly severe in countries with low vaccination rates, but fortunately, some vaccine sharing efforts seem Speed ​​upFor example, later this week, Indonesia received 1.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine, after the United States received 3 million doses of other vaccines last weekend.

Delta is now also the main strain in the United States, with a number of cases Rising in every state. In response to this surge, Los Angeles resumed its Indoor mask authorization Suitable for everyone-vaccinated or not.

Despite calling for the first dose of vaccine to be given priority, some countries still weigh in on providing booster injections

Israel has begun to provide The third booster dose After the Delta variant caused the case rate to rise again, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was administered to immunocompromised adults, even in people who had already been vaccinated. The country’s health minister said that the decision on whether to use boosters more widely has yet to be decided.Pfizer has also been launching boosters in the U.S., but senior U.S. officials told drugmakers that they would Need more data The efficacy of the third dose is evaluated before it is approved for use. Even so, a federal advisory group is expected to meet next week to weigh the possibility of providing additional doses to patients with suppressed immunity.

On the other hand, WHO officials have Appeal to drugmakers Prioritize providing vaccines to many countries that have not yet received the first dose of vaccine, rather than urging rich countries to provide boosters. They added that there is not enough scientific evidence to show that booster injections are necessary.

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