Best unlimited data plans and family plans of 2021 (T-Mobile and AT&T and Verizon)


wired: Each layer includes 5G data speed. In the Unlimited Elite plan, you will not be restricted at all, and in the Unlimited Extra plan, you will not be restricted until you reach 50 GB of data. If you are using Unlimited Elite, you will get a 40 GB large-capacity mobile hotspot to connect to other devices, free access to HBO Max and 4K video streaming.

tired: For the basic Starter plan, no matter how much data you have used, as long as there is network congestion, data throttling will start. The entry level also does not include any Wi-Fi hotspots, which is different from T-Mobile’s cheaper basic Essentials plan, which does include some slow 3G data. It also has no high-definition video streaming or international data.

Can your phone work? AT&T has one Device compatibility PDF You can use it to check your current phone. Unlocked GSM phones are suitable for AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon is the most expensive

Start Unlimited plan (automatic transfer, excluding taxes/fees): $70 for 1 line | $120 for 2 lines | $135 for 3 lines | $140 for 4 lines | $150 for 5 lines

Verizon still has Best coverage, But T-Mobile and other companies are competing for its money. The operator finally got rid of its confusingly named dual unlimited plans GoUnlimited and BeyondUnlimited, and replaced it with four unlimited plans and a children’s plan. You can choose between Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited and Just Kids. We outline entry-level pricing below.

wired: As with the competition, each plan includes 5G data access. If you live in a rural area, Verizon has the best coverage, According to OpenSignal. Each plan (except Just Kids) includes six months of free Apple Music and six months of Disney+. All levels include calls, text and data with Mexico and Canada, and international text messages. The top Play More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited plans now include access to Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

tired: Verizon is more expensive than other operators. If you are using the basic Start Unlimited plan and there is no Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, Verizon may limit your Internet speed during any period of “congestion.” You must pay an additional $10 per month for 4K streaming, because Starter only allows 480p SD streaming. Verizon has two plans for $80 per month (single line). The only two differences between them are that the Play More package includes Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for one year. Both Play More and Do More plans have a 50 GB data cap before throttling.


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