5 best smartwatches (2021): Apple Watch, Samsung, Wear OS


In May of this year, Google announced that it would release a new version of its wearable operating system, which is used by many technology and fashion brands, including Mobike And THe Fossil Group. It is called Wear OS 3, It was jointly developed by Google, Samsung and Fitbit (the latter is Google now owns). This new version is expected to provide better performance, longer battery life, more third-party and first-party applications, and powerful health and fitness features.

The first Wear OS 3 smart watch will come from Samsung and may be launched in August.Unfortunately, this means that Samsung’s current smart watches, such as the Galaxy Watch 3 above, will Is not Get updates because they are running another operating system.Google has Also shared Only a few smartwatches are eligible to upgrade to Wear OS 3: TicWatch Pro 3 (GPS and LTE) and TicWatch E3 that go out and ask. This means that the new version requires Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, because this is the only smart watch on the market that uses it. Fossil Group’s smart watches that will be launched later this year can also be upgraded, which means they will also run on the same chip.

Unfortunately, even if you can choose to upgrade, the situation is bleak. Google said that the upgrade will not be available until mid-2022, and it will require a factory reset. To make matters worse, you will not be able to enjoy all the features of Wear OS 3 because the platform is built for a brand new chipset. (Google did not specify who chip. ) So, for now, you should postpone until the new version of the new smartwatch is launched.


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