What if gravity is actually twice the other forces?


as far as Physicists have been able to determine that nature speaks two incomprehensible languages: one for gravity and the other for everything else. The curve in the space-time structure tells the direction of the planets and human beings, and all other forces come from quantum particles.

Albert Einstein first talked about gravity when space-time bends in general relativity. Most theorists believe that gravity actually allows us to bypass particles called gravitons, but trying to rewrite Einstein’s theory using quantum laws usually results in nonsense. The rift between the forces is deeply, And the complete unity of these two grammars seems out of reach.

However, in recent years, the confusing translation tool has been called “double copy”, and it turns out that it is good at converting certain gravitational entities (such as gravitons and black holes) into extremely simple quantum equivalents.

Leron Borsten, a physicist at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Study, said: “There is a split in our view of the world, which bridges this gap.”

Although this unproven mathematical relationship between gravity and quantum force does not have a clear physical explanation, it allows physicists to perform almost impossible calculations of gravity and implies a common basis for all forces.

John Joseph CarrascoA physicist at Northwestern University said that anyone who took the time to read the double copy would believe that “it originated from another understanding of gravity.”

Gravity and the rest

In one aspect of basic physics, there are electromagnetic forces, weak forces and strong forces. Each of these forces carries one or more particle carriers of its own, and a certain mass that the particles respond to. For example, electromagnetic waves use photons to push particles with electric charges, and strong forces are transmitted by gluons, which act on particles with color characteristics.

Physicists can describe any event involving these forces as a series of particles that scatter each other. The event may start when two particles approach each other and end with two particles flying away. In principle, an infinite number of interactions can occur between the two.But theorists have learned how to make Terribly accurate prediction By prioritizing the simplest and most probable sequences.

On the other side of the gap is gravity, which resists this treatment.

The graviton reacts to itself, generating a cyclic equation similar to Escher. They also spread with promiscuity that makes the rabbit blush. When gravitons are mixed together, any number of them will appear, which complicates the prioritization scheme for other forces. Just write down a simple gravity formula.

But the double copy program is clearly a backdoor.

Zvi Berne with Lance Dixon, Later by Carrasco and Henrik Johansson, Developed the program in the 2000s, Earlier works on string theory, The candidate quantum theory of gravity. In string theory, the O-ring that represents the primer acts like a pair of S-shaped strings, corresponding to the carriers of other forces. The researchers found that this relationship also applies to point particles, not just hypothetical strings.

In the sum of all possible interactions that may occur in a particle scattering event, the mathematical term representing each interaction is divided into two parts, just like the number 6 is divided into 2×3. For strength, the term is related to an attribute called color. The second term refers to the movement of particles, which is “kinematics”.

To perform a double copy, you can discard the color term and replace it with a copy of the kinematic term, changing 2×3 to 3×3. If 6 describes the result of a powerful event, double replication will tell us that 9 will match some similar graviton events.

The double copy has an Achilles’ heel: Before performing the process, the theorist must rewrite additional kinematics terms in a form that looks like color terms. Reformatting is difficult, and because the sum is refined to include increasingly complex interactions, it may not always be feasible. However, if kinematics must be considered, obtaining a gravitational result is as easy as changing 2×3 to 3×3.


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