Watch us roam the virtual deep ocean with real oceanographers


We love the deep sea We can prove this with the scientific knowledge provided by WIRED.From Mysterious, almost invisible fish with High-tech deep-sea submersible to Undersea virtual reality tour with Ocean protection challengeIt can be said with certainty that we like to think about the world that exists under the sea, the moon of Jupiter, the moon of Europa and Saturn, the depths of the water under the ice of Enceladus, and the world that awaits us.

Since we cannot visit those places yet, we will have to explore the ocean in the game Subnautica: Below zero, The survival game will be officially launched on Friday, May 14. The survival game uses the resources available in its rich deep-sea environment to survive, capturing the feeling of being trapped in the snow-covered ocean world. But who can tell us better than our experts, what is the real challenge of ocean exploration, especially the challenge of ocean exploration on a completely different planet? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Who is doing this kind of research now?

We ask them to move forward in virtual diving, talk to us about the research expeditions they are going to conduct, how it feels to control the robotic submersible in the ocean environment, what they hope to find or learn from the journey, and for the ocean exploration in other worlds. What would it be like to build and control a similar diving robot. Sounds interesting?Join us here or Directly on our Twitch channel, 7 pm Eastern time, 4 pm Pacific time.

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